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Roland launched versaart series of thermal sublimation inkjet printers on June 22, Roland launched a new CMYK four-color large format inkjet printer versaart series. The brand-new versaart series printer can output bright colors with high saturation. Under the high-efficiency mode, it has excellent printing effect and the price of the whole machine is reasonable. Roland versaart series printers include two models, 64 rs-640s and 54 rs-540s

Yukosek, director of color products of Roland company, said: I due to the characteristics of light weight, easy handling, low price and environmental protection, the thermal sublimation fabric pattern has become more and more popular in the market. Roland versaart series printing should make specific analysis according to the exposed questions. The machine is an excellent heat transfer equipment, which can help users produce unique products with strong market competitiveness, and quickly recover the investment cost. Versaart series printers have the advantages of simple operation, excellent printing quality and high equipment stability

Roland versaar series features:

Roland versaarp sample shear failure load unit is n (n) T series printer includes two models: 64 rs-640s and 54 rs-540s

the fastest printing speed of Roland versaart64 rs-640s can reach 31.8 square meters/hour

Roland intelligent transmission and control technology ensures excellent image output in the tell mode

Roland versaworks' professional RIP software ensures accurate color management

the built-in printing heating dryer can effectively improve the drying time

Preheating can also avoid the effect of residual internal pressure caused by sudden cooling of plastics during extrusion.

the automatic maintenance system can effectively reduce ink, labor and maintenance downtime

comply with the energy star standard and the environmental protection standard set by Roland

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