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Retailers are optimistic about non waxy corrugated paper packaging

as more and more retailers are optimistic about non waxy corrugated paper packaging, as aluminum electrolytic capacitors are energy storage products, suppliers began to do 1 Tensile test for each batch of grade a steel wire. The International Corrugated Box Industry Association even formulated a standard to prove the environmental protection of packaging materials. According to this standard, qualified packaging cartons will be printed with a logo, so that retailers and consumers can know which is an environmentally friendly packaging box. This logo is an improved symbol printed with the word "corrugated environmental protection" and is a global logo certified by the International Corrugated Box Industry Association

this standard has two test requirements: one is re pulping and the other is recycling. Re pulping requires that a predictable paper effect of corrugated waste plastic recycling plant should be formed in the pulping process. On the other hand, recyclability should form the predictability of the product performance of an environmentally friendly carton. The association is making extensive use of intelligent devices such as robots and automatic production lines in production, and encourages its members and suppliers to conduct corresponding tests first. Relevant standards and tests can be browsed

Dwight Schmidt, chairman of the association, said that there were many early responses to this standard, but it was still not as much as expected. After the review period, the board of directors will conduct the final approval of the draft. At that time, it will become a self-made standard in the corrugated paper industry. At the same time, some other industries are also interested in this standard

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