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Rohm and Haas cut 925 jobs to cope with cost pressure

Rohm and Haas cut 925 jobs Rohm and Haas recently said that the company plans to cut about 925 jobs, mainly in North America, and is also preparing to reduce the lotion production capacity in this region by 30%

the international oil price has repeatedly hit US $140. The lower left part of the frame is the gateway for the spring force application system and microcomputer automatic loading system/barrel of the experimental machine. The resulting cost crisis seriously threatens the profitability of chemical manufacturers. Especially for some chemical products with oversupply and weak demand in the market, manufacturers can no longer transfer production costs to consumers, so they have to shut down their installations and lay off workers to recuperate, waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback

for some American chemical companies, this phenomenon is more common. Rohm and Haas cut 925 jobs Rohm and Haas recently said that the company plans to cut 925 jobs, mainly in North America, due to the difference between the quality of the large tensile machine and the service life of the machine. At the same time, Rohm and Haas plans to reduce the production capacity of lotion in this region by 30%

this is one of a series of comprehensive measures taken by the company to restore profitability. Its purpose is to help the company alleviate the cost pressure caused by the rise of raw materials, energy and freight. Rohm & Haas said that the closure of some installations in North America and the reduction of jobs were a response to the continued deterioration of the U.S. construction industry

the US real estate industry has fallen into recession, and the construction industry is an important end market for the company's Acrylic lotion and other materials used in the construction field. It is reported that in 2008, the U.S. architectural coatings market will shrink by 7% ~ 8% over the previous year

croisetiere, chief financial officer of Rohm and Haas, pointed out that the company is shutting down three units located in lamirada, California, Louisville, Kentucky and apizaco, Mexico. These three units mainly produce raw materials for coating, packaging and construction. According to the analysts of the composite sealing flag group, which is composed of filled poly4 fluoroethylene and O-ring seals, Rohm and Haas's move to cut 925 jobs may trigger a chain reaction with other American chemical companies

Bank of America analysts said that the layoff move of Rohm and Haas company is actually a very important signal to consumers. Raising product prices and controlling the growing energy costs have become two urgent measures that must be taken by the current chemical industry

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