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Key points for the improvement of plexiglass screen printing process

mastering high-quality plexiglass screen printing technology is an important technical force for plexiglass processing plants. The key points for the improvement of plexiglass screen printing process are as follows:

1. The real parameters are subject to the manufacturer's technical scheme. A basic requirement for perfect image reproduction is that the quality of transparent positive negatives is good, that is, the edges of points should be neat and opaque. Color separations use the same color code as the printing ink used

2. The positive negative is placed on the Tianjin plexiglass processing glass plate, then exposed, and the stretched version is placed on the positive negative and parallel to the image axis. If the machine is driven by the synchronous machine, turn the plate left or right until the moire disappears, generally turn 7. The area easy to form moire is located in the direction of silk and the intersection of silk. The main color and darker color cause more moire problems

3. For four-color printing, aluminum frames with the same size and stability should be used, and the frames used should be stretched with wires of the same type and model. The use of dyed silk helps to eliminate moire. The tension at all parts of the plate should be uniform, and the tension of the four-color printing plates is the same as that of the summary version

4. A well ground doctor blade is very important for high-quality printing. The shore hardness of the blade is about 70. The doctor blade should be set at the angle of 75. If the angle of the doctor blade is adjusted too flat, the printed image may be blurred. If the angle is adjusted too steep, the printed image will be in great danger of deformation

5. The ink return knife should not be installed too low. If so, the film plate will be filled with excessive ink, but the capacity weight of the printed matter is only half that of the glass, which is easy to blur and rub

6. The eye tone image is printed with high viscosity ink. The finer the silk, the thicker the color ink is required

7. Using UV ink, the hue range of the eye tone positive picture should be 5% - 80%, and the shore hardness of the rubber scraper should be 75. In order to control Tianjin plexiglass processing UV ink from rubbing dirty during color overprint, it is recommended to print in the color sequence of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. When using UV ink, the plate thickness shall not exceed 5um

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