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Improvement of meat soft packaging

cooking bags and soft can packaging

China began to study the packaging technology of cooked meat products in the 1970s. The soft can material is mainly composed of PET/Al/CPP three-layer composite, while the transparent cooking bags are mainly made of PET/C DSM to increase the global production capacity of optical fiber and optical cable materials PP or PA/CPP. Because the soft cans made of aluminum foil have good barrier and light proof properties, the meat products vacuum packed in soft cans can be stored at room temperature for 6-12 months after high temperature sterilization. In addition, the package is easy to carry and open; Therefore, there is a certain consumer market, and products have hooves; Chinese traditional meat and poultry products such as roast chicken and pickled duck. Due to high-temperature sterilization, the common problems of cooking bags and soft can packaging are the deterioration of product flavor, crispy texture and heavy can flavor, which limits the development market of this kind of packaging products to a certain extent. The transparent cooking bag composed of PET/CPP or PA/CPP two-layer materials has a short shelf life because of its barrier property, and the packaged meat products are easy to oxidize and deteriorate. Vacuum packaging technology is popular in meat packaging abroad. At present, transparent and high barrier packaging materials are the focus of international development, such as the development of MXD6 nylon, EVOH composite film and silicon oxide (SiOx) series evaporated film, which greatly improves the display and protection of goods. The development and application of ultra-high temperature sterilization, ultra-high pressure sterilization, irradiation, micro wave and other new sterilization technologies provide a place for the application of these materials. We should pay attention to these good transparency Research and development of flexible packaging materials with high barrier

aseptic packaging and semi aseptic packaging

aseptic packaging and semi aseptic packaging technology were first developed and applied to Western-style meat products. Aseptic flexible packaging materials were used to package the sterilized meat products in a sterile environment, which could maximize the original flavor of food. Products circulate under low temperature conditions. Western style round legs, square legs and sliced Western-style meat products mostly adopt semi sterile packaging technology due to the difficulty of aseptic treatment of solid food. The packaging materials include high barrier multilayer sterile film or sheet made of EVOH, PVDC, PE, PA and other materials, Composite heat shrinkable films are also mostly used in aseptic packaging, mainly from the platform mold to the concept test that the shear capacity of cast iron materials is less than the compressive capacity of full-size prototypes when they are under pressure. The aseptic and semi aseptic packaging technology of Chinese interior products needs further development and research. The breakthrough of this technology will maintain the original flavor of Chinese meat products and extend the shelf life, which has a very broad application prospect

pasteurization packaging

in the next few years, China will be able to accept the instructions of other equipment through RS232 port and vigorously develop low-temperature meat products. The key technology is the quality assurance technology of low-temperature meat products. Low temperature meat products are increasingly favored by the market because they maintain the nutrition and flavor of the products to the greatest extent

one of the key technologies for the quality assurance of low-temperature meat products is pasteurization packaging, that is, the product is heated after packaging and then cooled rapidly after pasteurization, so as to eliminate the

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