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Improvement of the product quality of pre printed beer boxes

at present, the outer packaging of beer in the market is mostly produced by pre printing process. Beer boxes printed directly with single corrugated board are almost difficult to see on the market now. First of all, the printing quality of beer box pre printing has been greatly improved. The printing level is rich, the graphics and texts are clear, the layout ink brightness is high, the color is bright, the overprint is accurate, and the product reproduction effect is good; Secondly, the die-cutting molding precision of the carton is high, the edges of the carton are neat and clean, and the compressive strength of the carton will not be damaged

1 reasonable selection of pre printing process for beer boxes

embossing, gravure printing and offset printing are the three major printing processes. Flexographic brushes have less equipment investment, the water-based ink used meets the requirements of environmental protection, the production process is easy to operate, the ink coating is relatively stable, and the printing color difference is less. It also has the characteristics of fast plate making speed, high printing speed and wide printing adaptability. The cardboard with rough surface can also obtain good imprinting, which is suitable for printing field and line layout. However, the effect of fine printing and product quality is not as good as offset printing and gravure printing. Gravure printing process has a thick and uniform ink layer, rich print layers, strong texture, fast printing ink drying speed, fast printing speed, and high printing plate resistance. It is more suitable for printing a large number of prints, and is conducive to reducing production costs. However, the gravure printing equipment investment is high, the plate making cost is relatively high, the plate changing operation is also troublesome, and there are still some pollution problems. Offset printing process is convenient for printing and plate making. It can print both field version, line version and fine grain version. The printing reproduction effect is good, and the printing price is relatively cheap. According to the characteristics of products and the actual situation of the factory, choosing the appropriate printing process is an important way to improve the quality and economic benefits of pre printed beer boxes. Generally speaking, the products with small printing area and simple version 1 that need to be tracked and verified immediately after discovery, and the local text needs to be changed frequently or reprinted for many times can adopt the flexographic printing process. For fine products, pages with large graphic printing area, and a small number of prints per batch, lithography can be used. Gravure printing technology can be used for products with a large number of printing, long-term unchanged layout, large graphic area of layout and fine and complex products. If the quantity of products is not very large, they can be printed by lithographic printing machine

2 selection of pre printed whiteboard

the face paper of pre printed beer boxes generally adopts single-sided Coated Whiteboard. The quality grade of whiteboard is divided into excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. According to the characteristics of products, selecting appropriate whiteboard for printing is an important part of improving the quality of carton products. The author believes that the selection principle of white board paper for making beer boxes should be: 250G/133 or 300g/m should be used for products with high quality, long-distance transportation and large printing layout. Printing on white board of high-quality products or ~ grade products; For ordinary and low-grade products, products with small graphic area on the printing page and products for short-distance transportation, first-class products or qualified products of 200g/133 or 250G/in can be selected for printing. For the quality control of whiteboard, first of all, select manufacturers with good and reliable quality to purchase, and "shop around". The stock base paper shall be inspected and controlled according to the standard. The whiteness, hue, color stability and powder loss of whiteboard have a great impact on the printing quality, so we must focus on strict inspection and control. We have had the experience that the paper surface of a certain whiteboard box has obvious discoloration and yellowing after drying, and it was returned by the brewery. In view of this quality problem, when ordering and purchasing in the future, we will require fatigue test - the method of testing the characteristics of materials under fluctuating load. The manufacturer will provide paper samples so that the physical appearance can be compared during the warehousing inspection of batch raw materials. In addition, we also conduct a simple light resistance ("exposure") test on the white board. For example, put the white board under sunlight or strong light for about 20min to see if it has discoloration and discoloration, and reject the unqualified products

3 technical control of printing and related links

there are printing color differences and color fading in the beer box, as well as quality problems such as dirty pages, pasted plates, inked sheets and inaccurate overprinting, which are all quality problems with which daily customers complain more. Therefore, it is an important task for carton printing enterprises to control the printing quality of beer carton products. At present, a considerable part of pre printed cartons adopt lithographic printing technology, and to improve offset printing quality, we should mainly focus on strict control from the aspects of process technology, operation technology, equipment maintenance and so on. Process technology and operation technology include scientific and reasonable arrangement of printing color sequence. For example, when printing, we can consider reasonable arrangement of printing color sequence according to the characteristics of substrate, the differences of printing machine structure, the differences of graphic structure of printing layout, the differences of original color characteristics and ink characteristics, so as to improve the printing process quality and effect of products. For printing green and blue preprinted beer boxes on the spot or on a large area of dot and line layout, it is most likely to cause color fading quality problems in the long-distance transportation process. We use TRR offset friction resistant ink, plus about 3% TPP ~ 608 friction resistant agent, to enhance the wear resistance of the ink. In addition, we use wear-resistant polish to polish, which improves the wear resistance of printing ink and prevents the appearance of color fading quality problems

4 technological control of improving the overall strength of beer boxes

among the problems of daily product quality, the compressive strength of cartons is one of the more prominent problems. Therefore, beer manufacturers generally attach great importance to the strength performance control of beer boxes. Looking at the practice of carton production process, the author believes that to improve the strength performance of beer boxes, we should mainly control the following aspects

1) control the production process of single-sided machine

the quality of corrugated cardboard produced by single-sided machine directly affects the overall compressive strength of cartons. The process practice shows that the speed, temperature and adhesive of single-sided machine have a great influence on the processing quality of corrugated board. The speed of single-sided machine is too fast or too slow, which will affect the hardness and bonding strength of paperboard. Especially when the moisture content of the base paper is high and the production speed of the machine is too fast, it is easy to reduce the bonding effect and molding hardness of the paperboard due to the short preheating time and the short "glue eating" time on the corrugated peak. If the machine speed is too slow, the cardboard will be easily brittle after being heated for a relatively long time, and too high temperature will make the adhesive cure too early, affecting the bonding quality effect, all of which will reduce the strength of the cardboard. Therefore, the production speed of the machine should be reasonably controlled according to the water content of the base paper, preheating area and temperature, so as to better ensure the production quality of corrugated board. In the production process, we should also pay attention to controlling the appropriate amount of glue, grasp the relationship between machine speed and steam pressure, temperature and adhesive coating amount, and prevent the occurrence of foaming, false glue and degumming. In this way, we can better maintain and improve the strength of cartons

2) choose the paper with good corrugated layer

corrugated board is composed of carton board and corrugated paper (or carton board). If the moisture content between them is too large, then after absorbing the adhesive and heating, the expansion and contraction of the paper will be significantly different, which is easy to cause the curl of the cardboard and reduce the strength of the carton. Therefore, before the roll paper is put into the machine, it is best to detect the moisture content of the base paper first, and try to select the carton paper with similar moisture content and corrugated paper (or carton paper) for production, so as to prevent the paperboard from curling. In addition, the base paper used in the corrugated layer 16 Applicable standards: ISO, ASTM, en, GB, DIN, JIS, ANSI, CSA, BS, AATCC, TAPPI, UL, VDE, IEC, CNS, etc The quality has a great influence on the overall compressive strength of the carton. Therefore, in order to improve the compressive strength of the carton, corrugated paper or carton board with high ring pressure index should be selected as the paper for the corrugated layer, which can greatly improve the compressive strength of the carton

3) control the mounting process of face paper

only when the corrugated board and face paper reach a uniform and flat mounting state, and make the board stick into a solid overall structure, can the compressive strength of the carton be better improved. In order to control the mounting technology, it is necessary to select and allocate adhesives to make the viscosity, fluidity and other properties of adhesives adapt to the machine characteristics (including speed, structure, etc.) and the temperature and humidity of the production environment. In addition, according to the characteristics of the product, select the corresponding machine for mounting production. For example, the thick, hard or uneven tissue paper can be mounted by the automatic overlaying machine, which is conducive to preventing the occurrence of foaming, poor bonding and quality defects

4) control the die-cutting indentation process

die-cutting indentation should mainly pay attention to mastering the plate mounting technology, adjusting the pressure and rubber strip, and selecting the die-cutting indentation die that matches the thickness of the indentation knife. When installing the plate, it is necessary to ensure that the pressed indentation line is clear, but it is not easy to burst. When adjusting the pressure, it should be adjusted gradually from light to heavy, and it must not be the opposite, so as not to damage the blade and pressing plate of the steel knife. At the same time, when using sponges and rubber strips, their thickness should not be too high, so as to prevent the position of semi-finished paperboard from slipping during die-cutting, so as to cause serious damage to the corrugated, inaccurate printing layout graphics and text, size die-cutting, carton strength reduction and other phenomena

5) control the forming and bonding process of cartons

the bonding of overlapping tongue parts of beer cartons is now generally bonded and fixed with adhesives. The area of lap joint is small, and the sizing area is usually between cm. Whether the bonding of this part is firm has a great impact on the strength and packaging quality of the whole carton. Therefore, we must not ignore the bonding process control of the lap joint. Some enterprises have suffered some economic losses due to the return and rework of the brewery due to the poor bonding of the lap tongue, which made the calendered beer boxes loose. Later, after careful analysis and research, the adhesive process was improved. The original white latex (polyvinyl acetate latex) and cy-c chemical paste adhesive were mixed and blended by adding fillers of any situation in the ratio of 6:4, and about 3% cyclohexanone was added, so as to increase the viscosity and permeability of the adhesive, solve the problem of poor adhesion of calendered paper, and improve the adhesive strength of carton molding

to sum up, to improve the product quality of pre printed beer boxes, we need to carefully control all links from procurement, production and inspection, organize production, guide production and supervise production according to standards, and formulate scientific and reasonable production process and technical measures, so as to better improve the printing quality of facial paper and the processing quality of cartons and meet the use requirements of the market

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