Improving people's livelihood is an important driv

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Improving people's livelihood is an important driving force for China's economic growth

improving people's livelihood is an important driving force for China's economic growth

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recently, Premier Li Keqiang said in a speech at the Boao Forum for Asia that China's economy should be stable and far-reaching, not only stable, but also dynamic. There are at least three driving forces: the first driving force comes from reform and opening up; The second aspect is driven by structural adjustment; The third is flexible and tough: the elongation at break comes from improving people's livelihood. The achievements of development should ultimately be reflected in the improvement of people's livelihood. On the contrary, the increase in employment brought about by the improvement of people's livelihood will also promote consumption and effectively stimulate economic growth. As the saying goes, people's livelihood forces development, and development tests reform

"To improve people's livelihood, we need to pay attention to system construction, correctly deal with the contradictions within society, and strive to safeguard the legitimate interests of the people. While being a big people, 2. Because the jaws of the experimental machine often use this' cake ', we should also divide this' cake' well, so that the people can participate equally, so as to maximize the improvement of people's livelihood. In a word, the improvement of people's livelihood is inseparable from every aspect of social management innovation Three aspects. " Economist songqinghui said in an interview with securities

song Qinghui also pointed out that the ultimate goal of economic work is to improve people's livelihood, and the top priority of people's livelihood is employment. Only the government always adheres to the implementation of active employment policies can create a large number of jobs. The expansion of employment groups will undoubtedly stimulate the growth of consumer spending, and ultimately effectively stimulate economic growth

the Ministry of human resources and social security also attaches great importance to employment. Recently, Yin Weimin, Minister of human resources and social security, stressed at the national employment symposium held in Beijing that doing a good job in employment is the first task of the whole system. The employment of college graduates is the top priority of employment work. We should insist on putting the employment of college graduates in the first place in the employment work, take the implementation of the employment promotion plan and entrepreneurship guidance plan as the main starting point, accurately implement policies, strive to achieve employment for all unemployed graduates who are willing to work, and strive to improve the proportion of College Students starting businesses. We should also work hard in the two directions of expanding channels and active service, grasp new opportunities for development, do everything possible to tap posts, give full play to the Department's resource advantages, and actively serve to promote docking

Yin Weimin also required that we should focus on promoting entrepreneurship to drive employment, pay attention to the expansion of entrepreneurship training and quality, pay attention to the comprehensive expansion of entrepreneurship services, pay attention to the creation of an atmosphere for entrepreneurship activities, further promote the simplification of administration and decentralization, reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship of graphene as a two-dimensional crystal, and release innovation vitality. We should vigorously strengthen vocational training, expand its scale, diversify its methods, improve its quality, and greatly improve the quality of workers

"To effectively stimulate economic growth, we should not only pay attention to the supply side, but also not ignore the driving force of demand for steady economic growth. Only by continuously enhancing the basic role of consumption in driving the economy can we take promoting consumption upgrading as an important driving force for economic growth. At present, the world economic recovery is weak, and China's economy has been deeply integrated into the world economy, which will inevitably be greatly affected. Therefore, the improvement of people's livelihood is the new hope of China's economy 。” Song Qinghui said

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