IMS predicts that the global PLC market will remai

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IMS predicts that the global PLC market will continue to grow in 2012.

statement: This article is translated by Zhonghua industrial control from the excerpt of the email just received from IMS. Please attach the original text for relevant information

according to IMS' latest "global PLC market - 2011 edition", the global PLC revenue in 2010 increased by nearly 30% compared with 2009, reaching US $8.2 billion

although this recovery is unexpected, it is not difficult to explain, Alex Hong, an analyst from IMS factory automation department, said. When the economic environment is depressed, many ongoing projects stagnate, and the demand for automation products also stops. However, in some countries, the government's economic stimulus has made funds available to industries at different levels. For P, as a global producer of thermosetting resins, LC manufacturers' users, 2 The manual control buttons are changed from the original three buttons of rise, fall and stop to multiple buttons, including zero, rise, fall, clamp, release and experiment. Most manufacturers or users of industrial machines have obtained funds to purchase more PLC and other automation products. 2. Adopt imported load sensors with high stability and precision to continue their projects, Including the projects that stagnated in 2009 and the new projects developed later have increased the capacity of the PLC market in 2010

the global PLC market continued to grow in 2011, although the growth rate slowed compared with 2010. There are regional differences in the industrial products market. In Europe, although we are disappointed by the persistent and worsening sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, Germany, the most important market for industrial automation products, can still maintain a sustained and steady growth. In the Americas, some large-scale projects from end users and domestic demand growth, and the retaliatory rebound under the long-term distortion of the price mechanism have driven the growth of the PLC market. In Asia, China and India have performed quite well in economic growth, although Japan was affected by the earthquake in the first half of this year

however, considering the risks of the global economy, the suppliers of PLC products and their users in the industrial field cannot confirm whether this growth can continue until 2012. There are many factors, such as the unresolved sovereign debt crisis in Europe, the tightened fiscal policy in China, the impact of the earthquake in Japan and the recent floods in Thailand, which have a huge impact on this market. However, IMS research believes that the PLC market will continue to grow in 2012, mainly because some large and important PLC markets, such as Germany, France, China and the United States, are still performing well this year. In addition, emerging markets such as Brazil and India have accounted for about 50% of the overall PLC market, which is the main driving force for the future

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