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The improvement plan of carton processing equipment

the development of commodity economy has driven the rapid development of carton processing industry. However, in terms of the current situation of most carton processing equipment in the subsequent process, the structure is relatively aging, the performance is poor, and the pressing and printing effects are not very ideal; The speed of changing products is slow, the production efficiency is low, and the operation and maintenance are not convenient, which is not suitable for the development needs of carton processing industry. In view of the above situations, the author studied the following improvement schemes for the reference of the majority of carton processing equipment manufacturers

I. change the original chain and manual paper feeding mechanism to chain automatic paper feeding mechanism

the original chain paper feeding relies on manual paper feeding on the paper feeding table one by one. The disadvantages of this paper feeding method are high labor intensity of operators, low paper feeding efficiency and poor accuracy. After the chain automatic paper feeding mechanism is changed, the paperboard is stacked on the paper feeding table, and the automatic paper feeding is implemented, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the operator, but also improves the efficiency and accuracy of paper feeding

second, the original phase manual adjustment mechanism is changed to manual zero trimming and automatic zero trimming

manual adjustment. The adjustment speed is slow, the number of trial adjustments is large, and the waste of cardboard is also large. After using zero adjustment, not only the adjustment speed is improved, but also the operation is more convenient. Using zeroing, theoretically speaking, the first piece of paperboard should be the finished product, which can greatly save the trial machine paperboard

III. improve the adjustment method of slotting knife and crimping wheel

the old ordinary model adjusts the knife and crimping wheel one by one, with eight upper and lower cutter heads, eight crimping wheels and four slitting knives, which need to be adjusted 20 times. This method is improved to manual linkage knife adjustment and automatic linkage knife adjustment during the use of cement electric folding machine. With this machine chest, as long as one cutter head is adjusted, the upper and lower cutter heads and the upper and lower thread pressing wheels will move in linkage, and the speed of tool adjustment is increased many times, which is particularly suitable for multi variety and small batch processing

IV. change the original ink semi-automatic cycle to manual automatic cycle and pneumatic automatic cycle

the original semi-automatic cycle, that is, the inability to obtain commercial quantities of graphene is a key problem that has hindered the use of graphene and the maturity and implementation of graphene enhanced utilization (the following generation of energy technology, composite materials, water treatment and corrosion protection, etc.) over the years. The ink can't be recycled during shutdown. This is easy to cause the ink to dry up. Finally, people in the industry said that it blocked the eyes and affected the printing effect. After changing to manual automatic circulation and pneumatic automatic circulation, the above situation can be avoided and the printing effect can be greatly improved

by improving the crimping and slotting, the crimping effect and slotting effect can be improved, and the service life of the slotting knife can be extended

after the above improvements, not only the production efficiency, service performance and product transformation speed have been improved, but also the appearance of the equipment has been greatly improved, and the manufacturing cost has not increased much. If the standardized, serialized and modular design is adopted, the manufacturing cost will be reduced and the quality will be improved. The friction and wear testing machine is an indispensable and important testing instrument. If all carton equipment manufacturers make efforts in this regard, the technical level of carton processing equipment in China will be further improved

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