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report of the 19th national congress in the eyes of environmental protection

original report: "all Party comrades must always breathe with the people, share a common destiny, connect their hearts, and always take the people's yearning for a better life as their goal."

keyword 1

a better life

interpretation: a better life is not only the vision of the people, but also the goal of all Party comrades. A better life is not only reflected in a strong economy and rich people, but also in a beautiful environment and a high degree of social civilization. Environmental happiness should be the meaning of a better life, and the beauty of a blue sky, clear water, green city is an important indicator of a better life

The original report of the thought and basic strategy of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era: "it is clear that the main contradiction in China's society in the new era is the contradiction between the growing needs of the people for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development."

keyword 2

imbalance and insufficiency

interpretation: it is necessary to clearly realize that the main contradiction of our society in the new era has changed, which is the first change in the expression of the main contradiction of society since 1981

on the one hand, China's scientific and technological productivity has made great progress, the people's material living standards have been continuously improved, and the total economic output has continued to break through and ranks second in the world

on the other hand, there are imbalances and inadequacies in residents' income, urban and rural development, public services and other fields. At the same time, environmentalists should be fully aware of the imbalance and inadequacy of regional environmental quality, environmental situation and environmental action

original report: "we must establish and practice the concept that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, and adhere to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment."

keyword 3

green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains

interpretation: the theme of 2017 Environment Day is "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". Now the "two mountains theory" has been written into the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, which not only provides guidelines for the construction of a beautiful China, but also points out the direction for sustainable development. The general secretary has also repeatedly stressed that the protection of the ecological environment should be placed in a more prominent position, and the ecological environment should be protected as eyes and as life

improve the level of ensuring and improving people's livelihood, strengthen and innovate social governance

original report: "create a social governance pattern of co construction, CO governance and sharing. Strengthen the construction of social governance system, improve the social governance system of Party committee leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, and legal security, and improve the socialization, legalization, intelligence, and specialization of social governance."

keyword 4

co construction, CO governance and sharing

interpretation: use the concept of "co construction, CO governance and sharing" to strive to build an environmental governance system dominated by the government, dominated by enterprises, and jointly participated by social organizations and the public. Environmental protection departments should provide people with more targeted environmental information, provide more convenient channels for public participation, carry out richer public participation activities, and share a happy life in the atmosphere of co construction and co governance

accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system and build a beautiful China

the original report: "we must adhere to the policy of giving priority to conservation, protection and natural recovery, form a spatial pattern, industrial structure, production mode and lifestyle of saving resources and protecting the environment, and return nature to tranquility, harmony and beauty."

key words 5

tranquility, harmony, beauty

interpretation: General Secretary Xi used these three words to draw us a beautiful picture of harmony between man and nature, full of poetry. Tranquility has become a rare luxury for urban residents in the noisy world. If modern society only pays attention to the convenience of life and lets noise and pollution fill our lives, such a life is not beautiful. Only by returning nature with tranquility, harmony and beauty, and learning to live in harmony with nature, can people's happiness be comprehensively improved

original report: "the modernization we want to build is the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. We should not only create more material and spiritual wealth to meet the growing needs of people for a better life, but also provide more high-quality ecological products to meet the growing needs of people for a better ecological environment."

"we should firmly establish the socialist concept of ecological civilization, promote the formation of a new pattern of modernization with the harmonious development of man and nature, and make our generation's efforts to protect the ecological environment!"

original report: "accelerate the establishment of legal systems and policy guidance for green production and consumption, and establish and improve the economic system of green and low-carbon circular development."

keyword 7

green production and consumption

interpretation: green production refers to a comprehensive measure that takes energy conservation, consumption reduction and pollution reduction as the goal, and takes management and technology as the means to implement pollution control in the whole process of industrial production, so as to minimize the production of pollutants. Green consumption refers to consumers' demand, purchase and consumption activities for green products. It is a high-level rational consumption behavior with ecological awareness. Under the social background of increasingly severe situation of natural resources and extremely rich material products, cleaner production is the inevitable choice of enterprises, and green consumption should also become the habit of every citizen. Money cannot be willful. Waste is not only shameful, but also illegal

original report: "adhere to the common governance of the whole people, prevention and control at the source, continue to implement air pollution prevention and control actions, and win the blue sky defense war."

keyword 8

blue sky defense war

interpretation: the blue sky defense war is the key word of the 2017 government work report. Accelerating the improvement of the ecological environment, especially the air quality, is the urgent desire of the people and the internal requirement of sustainable development. We must take scientific measures, address both the symptoms and root causes, and address them with an iron fist, and strive to hand over qualified answers to the people. In recent years, the air quality in Nanjing has improved significantly. In this month, the number of excellent days of air quality in Nanjing was 141, with an excellent rate of 66.5%, an increase of 3.6 percentage points year-on-year, and the growth rate was the first in the province; The average concentration of PM2.5 is 41.7 μ G/m3, a decrease of 42.7% over the same period in 2013, the largest decline in the province

original report: "advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, oppose extravagance, waste and unreasonable consumption, and carry out actions to create energy-saving institutions, green families, green schools, green communities and green travel."

key words 9

green life, green action

interpretation: environmental protection should be implemented into everyone's actions. Through the creation of green series, we should strengthen publicity and education, advocate green lifestyle, guide people to take green actions, make green consumption, green travel and green residence become people's conscious choices, gradually improve the environmental concept of the whole people, and create an atmosphere of green life in the whole society

original report: "actively participate in global environmental governance and implement emission reduction commitments."

keyword 10

emission reduction commitment

interpretation: climate change is a common environmental problem faced by the world. China has integrated the response to climate change into the overall strategy of national economic and social development and as an internal requirement of sustainable development. Governments, enterprises and people at all levels have taken initiatives to promote it, which has formed a sharp contrast in the international community and has been widely praised, Now, the inclusion of the "implementation of emission reduction commitments" in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress shows China's confidence. The image of a big country that carries out impact tests on metal materials according to the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 "metal Charpy pendulum impact test method" is negative: we can do what we say

it is also noted that the word "environmental protection" does not appear alone in the report, but instead "ecological protection", "ecosystem protection" and "ecological environmental protection". The importance of the concept of "ecology" is more obvious! There is an important difference between "environmental protection" and "ecological protection" in the concept of ecology. "Ecology" emphasizes the system. People are only a part of the system. Only by respecting, conforming to and protecting nature, can human beings better maintain the ecosystem

3." building an ecological civilization is related to the well-being of the people and the future of the nation. "

4. "Only by implementing the strictest system and the strictest rule of law can we provide a reliable guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization."