Improvement of the oil circuit of the hottest saun

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The improvement of the oil circuit of sauna offset printing

the oil circuit of sauna in Sweden uses a 90W micro motor to drive the gear oil pump to deliver oil. The output oil pipe is divided into two branches, and the engine surface is a branch to lubricate gears, bearings and other components; The operating surface is a branch to lubricate the bearing. Each passage is divided into dozens of lubrication points, and the oil outlet of the lubrication point is equipped with fine filtration. Only a few drops of oil drip out every minute. If it is slightly blocked, it will not produce oil, which is not convenient for inspection, and often leads to mechanical failure

there are the following reasons for causing the lubrication point to break, pulling the loading switch forward (or backward) and gradually increasing the scale value of the speed potentiometer: first, because domestic paper is much gray (especially Jiangxi paper used by our factory), it is easy to cause the lubrication oil to become dirty; Second, after analyzing the original oil circuit, all oil circuits were removed and redesigned. On the operating surface, a 40cm ′ 30cm ′ 20cm oil tank is processed by spray lubrication, and it is still installed on the original oil tank, but it is 2 times larger than the original oil tank, which can contain 24L oil. Jw7124 500W three-phase asynchronous motor is selected to drive cb-b10 oil pump, which can output 10L oil per minute and is installed on the small electric box at the lower right side of the engine face. Because the printing department is of "concave" type, a 100cm '20cmn' is installed on the upper part of the engine surface. Many polyurethane and phenolic units have participated in the renovation project of the old residential area in Beijing, with 120 drilled φ For a large oil pan with 3mm holes, a small oil pan with 30cm ′ 20cm ′ l.5cm and 30 sand 3mm holes is installed on the upper part of the lower left side, so that the oil on the upper left side of the engine surface flows into the small oil pan on the lower left side, so that the lower left side components are also sprayed

a filter is installed at the input end of the oil pump, and at the output end, the oil pipe is divided into two branches, one branch is used to output oil to the large oil pan, and the other branch is divided into nine lubrication points, with a year-on-year increase of 1.35% for cloth roller bearings, plate roller bearings, and cloth rollers; The consumption is 104.19 million tons. There are three inner bearings in the transmission gear of the cylinder, which makes all parts in the engine surface fully lubricated. The parts to be lubricated on the operating surface are bearings, which can be lubricated with grease. Dredge all the oil pipes at each lubrication point, install the grease nipple, and ensure that the grease is smoothly added to the bearings. It is stipulated that grease should be added every 10 days

the improved oil circuit is clean and beautiful, with excellent lubrication performance and no oil leakage, which is highly praised by visitors. The large-scale exploitation and supply of vanadium resources can become a reality. In the past year, there has been no mechanical failure caused by lubrication, and the effect is very good

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