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Taking the city construction through train, the migrant workers turned into contractors

guide the 5.5 disc into the cup punching tool, and read it against the punch die: in response to the rise of central China, the momentum of municipal construction is strong. Zhengzhou is located in the hinterland of the central Plains, is the intersection of Beijing Guangzhou railway and Longhai railway, and is also one of China's largest light industry markets. There is an old saying in China that "those who win the Central Plains win the world", and Zhengzhou occupies an important position in the economic development of central China and plays a role

responding to the "rise of central China", the momentum of municipal construction is strong.

Zhengzhou is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains. It is the intersection of Beijing Guangzhou railway and Longhai railway. It is also one of China's largest light industry markets. There is an old saying in China that "those who win the Central Plains win the world". Zhengzhou occupies an important position in the economic development of central China and plays a connecting role between the East and the West

under the guidance of the central government's "rise of the central region" strategy, Zhengzhou has intensified its urban construction and continued to improve its urban appearance

at the same time, Zhengzhou has also vigorously implemented the projects of supporting the excellent and the strong, the construction of industrial parks and independent scientific and technological innovation, and the industrial economy has achieved sustained, rapid and healthy development. The strategic reorganization of key enterprises has taken substantial steps, and the strategic reorganization of cotton textile enterprises has been steadily promoted, forming a new production of "developed by Shougang jitaian new material company"; The ball point pen head is made of ultra free cutting stainless steel materials rdquo; Through the identification ability of the expert group composed of China pen making Association, China Steel Research Group and Beijing metal society, the enterprise has gradually walked out of the trough. Zhengzhou won the title of national advanced city in scientific and technological progress

seizing the opportunity, migrant workers become individual contractors

Zhengzhou carries out urban construction, which brings more convenience to the general public and villagers, and the living standard has been steadily improved. All kinds of small construction contractors relying on the development of the construction industry have also tasted the sweetness. One of these contractors must be mentioned is Wang Zhiyong

Wang Zhiyong, an ordinary Zhengzhou man, has good driving skills. This year, at the age of 30, Wang Zhiyong has more than ten years of working experience in loader driving. After graduating from school, he began to learn loader driving technology. With an attitude of diligence and hard study, Wang Zhiyong soon grew into a master of loader driving. Five years ago, Wang Zhiyong bought a loader by installment payment and began his career of individual contracting construction. At that time, he just caught up with the most concentrated and rapid construction of towns in Zhengzhou. By contracting earthwork clearance and transportation, it took only one year, and Wang Zhiyong returned the car purchase money. Now, Wang Zhiyong has become an independent self-employed businessman with two loading trucks. Whenever he talks about independent entrepreneurship, he will say with pride: "in the past, working for others was tiring, not free, and the salary was low. Now starting a business by himself, although it was still very hard, at least it was very free, and thinking that he was working for his dream, he felt that it was worth the pain and tiredness."

taking the city construction through train, the migrant worker turned into a contractor

has been working for nearly ten years. Yutong is its "old buddy"

interestingly, the two loaders of Wang Zhiyong are 931a-ii loaders produced by Yutong heavy industry. Lift them, Wang Zhiyong proudly told us: "When I first learned to drive, I drove the loader produced by Yutong, and it was very easy to drive for a long time, so after I started my own business, I chose to buy the loader of Yutong. Speaking of it, we are 'old guys' with deep feelings for ten years. For the loader of Yutong within one cycle, I closed my eyes and knew which part it was and how to operate it. In addition, the loader of Yutong has another advantage, Shoveling earth is particularly powerful. In our Henan dialect, it's' vigorous'. It's very fast to work. Unlike some cars, it's so powerful if you increase the horsepower in the cab. "

there is a set of "old hands" maintenance of loaders

as a "old hand" of loaders, Wang Zhiyong has a knack for the maintenance of loaders: "a new car should be run in well before it can work at full load." For the newly purchased loader, Wang Zhiyong had to drive it for a period of time in person, and felt the "temperament" of the car before he could safely hand it over to his workers. The instruction manual of the loader usually introduces how many hours the machine needs to change the engine oil and hydraulic oil after working. Wang Zhiyong does not maintain the new car according to the instruction manual. He believes that the workload of each loader is different, so the load of the loader is the key to determine the maintenance cycle of the machine. "I usually decide whether to change the new oil by observing the color change of the oil." Wang Zhiyong gave an example: for example, No. 8 hydraulic oil is red, and the color changes after using for a period of time, which indicates that there is rust in the oil, so it needs to be replaced with a new oil

at present, Wang Zhiyong is mainly engaged in the loading and unloading of earthwork and scrap iron. He said, "now Zhengzhou is engaged in municipal construction, and loaders are needed everywhere. I rent one of these two loaders when I am free, and use both of them when I am busy, so I don't worry about providing two cars in vain when I am free, and the car loan can be paid quickly, which is the best of both worlds." When talking about the development prospect of loaders, Wang Zhiyong was very excited: "in recent years, Zhengzhou municipal government has invested a lot of money in municipal construction. Any construction site is in urgent need of loaders. I'm going to buy another Yutong loader to take advantage of the opportunity to make another profit."

suggestions for college students to choose a job

when asked whether it is regrettable to choose to engage in the heavy workload of loader driving, Wang Zhiyong said firmly, "what's the pity? I think the current state is very healthy." Our equipment is to mix raw materials with high pressure first. It's not necessary to have studied in university to be an elite. In fact, it's difficult for college students to get employment now. As long as you can go deep into a certain industry and make some achievements, you are the 'number one scholar' in this field, and your personal value will be reflected accordingly. " As a matter of fact, Wang Zhiyong is well-known in the loader industry in Zhengzhou. Many peers in the industry ask him to help solve the problems that cannot be solved technically and cannot be repaired in time after sales. Wang Zhiyong usually goes there gladly, and it is common to help peers repair machines

summing up Wang Zhiyong's success, we can see that his diligence makes him an excellent loader driver, and his willingness to help others makes him a highly praised individual businessman

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