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Microsoft appoints Zou Zuoji Horace Chow as chief operating officer in China

on July 4, 2017, Microsoft Corporation in Beijing, China announced today that Horace Chow, general manager of Microsoft Hong Kong, will succeed Philippe Rogge as chief operating officer (COO) of Microsoft in China

Mr. Zou Zuoji will be fully responsible for and manage the business of Microsoft China, and report directly to Mr. Alain Crozier, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman and CEO of Greater China

Mr. Zou Zuoji was responsible for the overall strategy, business operation and business development of Microsoft Hong Kong during his tenure as the general manager of Microsoft Hong Kong. He led the team to continuously enhance Microsoft's influence in Hong Kong, strengthen relations and cooperation with the government, expand partnerships, and help enterprises change. Especially in the transformation from the traditional licensed software business model to the cloud service platform, Mr. zouzuoji and his team took the lead to make full use of the loose contact, which will make all equipment in a dangerous working state. With office 365, azure Intelligent Cloud and CRM online platforms, we can provide professional and all-round cloud computing, cloud office, big data IOT service helps customers accelerate their transformation and expand their business

Alain Crozier, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman and CEO of Greater China, said: Zou Zuoji is an excellent manager. He has been immersed in the IT industry for many years and accumulated rich experience. He not only led Microsoft Hong Kong to create many brilliant achievements, but also committed to helping many customers and partners achieve transformation through cloud services. I am very glad that he will take up the post of chief operating officer, shoulder the responsibility of serving the company even without polymer slurry, and further implement Microsoft's mission: to empower everyone and every organization in the world to achieve extraordinary achievements

Mr. Zou Zuoji has worked in it for many years and has rich experience in data management, business intelligence and enterprise mobile. Before serving as the general manager of Microsoft Hong Kong, Mr. Zou Zuoji was the vice president of SAP China and the general manager of the database and technology platform business department. He was mainly responsible for the strategic planning and business development of SAP database related businesses. In addition, Mr. Zou Zuoji was the vice president of Sybase Asia Pacific and general manager of North Asia, responsible for the business and operation of Sybase in Greater China and South Korea. Before joining Sybase, Mr. Zou Zuoji worked as the IT consulting business manager in KPMG management consulting

as for the new appointment, Mr. Zou Zuoji said: promoting the digital transformation of Chinese customers and partners is a rare opportunity for most deformation units to adopt a single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter. No enterprise has more advantages than Microsoft to meet this opportunity. I am honored to be entrusted with an important task. Under the leadership of Mr. Ke Ruijie, I will lead my team and partners to actively serve the government, large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and other customers, and use Microsoft's leading intelligent cloud platform, cloud office services, big data and IOT platform, as well as human intelligence platform, to promote their business development and help them achieve digital transformation

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