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Microsoft joined the IOT alliance to build azure cloud IOT platform

news on July 7, 2014, joined the IOT alliance of allsee alliance and IIC industrial road. In addition to jointly helping to develop common standards for home and industrial IOT, it will also provide a set of powerful platforms and services that can realize cloud IOT through Microsoft azure cloud platform in the future

in the past two years, the application of Internet of things (IOT) has continued to be hot in the market. In addition to major technology manufacturers, such as MediaTek, Broadcom and Intel, have all invested in the development of IOT chip devices and platforms. In order to break the interconnection barriers between products or devices, some enterprises have also jointly formulated general standards through alliances

recently, Microsoft also officially announced that it will join the allsee alliance led by Qualcomm, a large chip manufacturer, to jointly participate in the formulation and development of IOT standards

allsee alliance was mainly formed in December, 2013. ③ is the swing rod zigzag and deformed? It is an open alliance across enterprises, aiming to establish a common IOT standard, which allows the interconnection between mobile devices, home appliances and cars, without the restrictions of hardware, operating system and infrastructure. The alljoyn open source architecture established by Qualcomm allows hardware manufacturers, service providers and software developers to develop common product standards. At present, more than 50 enterprises in different fields, including Qualcomm, Cisco Systems, LG, Panasonic, sharp, Haier, silicon image, TP-LINK, have jointly participated in assisting in the formulation of IOT standards

according to Kevin Dallas, general manager of Microsoft IOT, a large part of the interconnection between IOT devices in the future will be carried out through the cloud platform, and Microsoft azure cloud platform will also provide more powerful IOT services and functions. Participating in the alliance can not only assist in the development of common standards of IOT, but also ensure the opportunity to provide a set of correct and first-class platforms and services to realize IOT in the future

in addition to participating in the allsee alliance, Microsoft also announced that it will join another IOT alliance with industrial Internet CO (Industrial Internet co fastening foot nut nsortium, IIC), which is jointly composed of at & T, Cisco, Ge, IBM and Intel. The purpose is to establish a set of industrial IOT intelligent system by adopting open interoperability standards and common architecture, which will integrate all intelligent equipment, industrial machines, personnel The process and data link together, so as to reduce the labor time and operation complexity in industrial applications and processes in the future

in addition, in April this year, Microsoft also released a set of azure intelligent system for IOT data analysis, which allows enterprises to collect and manage data generated by various connected devices and sensors, and obtain applications after analysis. Microsoft also cooperates with the British Metro to use this system to manage elevators, escalators, air conditioning systems and monitoring equipment, and provide IOT information such as system temperature, vibration, humidity and alarms

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