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Abstract: the disadvantages of small enterprises lie in less capital, less talents, low brand awareness, and even low product profits, but the advantage of small enterprises is flexible operation, which can be adjusted at any time

the disadvantages of small enterprises are less capital, less talents, low brand awareness, and even low product profits. However, the advantages of small enterprises are flexible operation, which can be used at any time to recycle waste plant fibers, waste wood flour in wood processing and used recycled plastics, which are beneficial to the full utilization of environment and resources, and have the advantages of wood and plastics for business adjustment. Therefore, the development of small enterprises must first find creative and market 8.75 × ten × 9.8 + 367.5 = 1225n for products or services with large demand and few production enterprises, concentrate on tackling key problems, pay attention to the quality of products or services, improve the speed of production, and find corresponding sales channels

in this way, only producing a good product or service is conducive to avoiding the shortage of funds and talents. The products are creative, and the large market demand is conducive to avoiding the problem of low brand awareness. The international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continues to improve, and even higher profits can be obtained because of the market demand

(1) lack of effective government support. Although China and local governments at all levels have affirmed the status and social role of small and medium-sized enterprises, they have not formulated corresponding support policies and have been unable to compete with state-owned enterprises on an equal footing. In recent years, China has also introduced some relevant policies to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, but in the actual implementation, the strength is very limited, and the effect is not very obvious

(2) the entry threshold for small enterprises is high. For some high profit industries, most of them are operated or monopolized by state-owned enterprises. The relevant departments of the state and government have set a very high threshold for the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that the economy of small and medium-sized enterprises has been unable to penetrate, which is also closely related to China's traditional planned economy. This economic system seems to protect state-owned enterprises, but it restricts the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is not conducive to the further optimization of China's economic and industrial structure, nor to improving the international market competitiveness of China's enterprises

(3) the financing of small enterprises is difficult. Due to the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, many commercial banks have set a higher threshold, and the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises is difficult. Although China has issued a series of policies conducive to the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, and some commercial banks have also formulated many products for small and medium-sized enterprises, this is far from enough compared with the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in China. In addition, at present, China lacks credit institutions that specifically serve small and medium-sized enterprises. The credit cost is very high, the credit coverage is low, and the credit is difficult

(4) small enterprises have many problems. From the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, there are also many problems, such as backward technology, low management level, lack of talents, imbalance between investment and income, weak legal concept, poor employee welfare, weak awareness of work safety, etc. the existence of these problems has a lot to do with the late start and rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China

in fact, there are many ways to run small businesses. On the whole, the concept of marketing has been gradually accepted by many small business operators. The traditional sales concept is being replaced by new marketing concepts such as experience, content, interaction, scene and perception. Some small and medium-sized enterprises have learned to use advanced marketing methods to arm themselves

however, many small and medium-sized enterprises have insufficient market development efforts, limited information channels, and a one-sided understanding of marketing. They often equate marketing with general promotion, which is specifically reflected in the backward marketing means in the actual marketing development process

enterprise management in the 21st century is a kind of dynamic change management. Enterprises are no longer competing for who has a large scale and many achievements in the past, but the competition is at a turning point and the decisive victory is in innovation. Therefore, how bosses adapt to and control the structural changes of the industry is particularly important

first, the most scarce thing in this era is content. What is the selling point of your product? This can't be vague. Frankly speaking, there can be no deviation in the specific demands and positioning of products. The key to selling products is to sell different products, rather than thinking that they can sell well if they are better than others. Many enterprises are always used to the industrialized thinking of "our products are the best products in the world", ignoring the emotions of users, and are very pale in content marketing. You know, in the context of the implementation of Internet and big data, which have become the common foundation of society, enterprises need to re-examine technology, market, users, products, enterprise value chain and even the whole business ecosystem with internet thinking. In particular, don't confuse the selling points and features if our experimental machine can fully meet your needs. It's two different things

second, do you have a valuable market solution, that is, related product customization content production, profit model and practicality. In the market, only what suits you is the best. Don't superstitious or follow the so-called market miracle created by others. You should know that it doesn't necessarily suit you. Enterprises should understand that the future application is to transform the single advertising communication mode into the collaborative interactive media mode, and realize the platform of the organization, product diversification and income diversification, just like a product. If you want to avoid the red sea of brutal fighting, integrating resources is the foundation, and how to activate the market is the fundamental

third, whether it's service interaction or marketing strategy, everyone's methods are the same. At this time, if you don't have personalized and entertaining things, it's difficult to really attract others' attention, and finally face the premature death of the product. Therefore, enterprises should develop more topical and influential content products, establish a business ecosystem and control the super executive power of operating composite resources

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