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Microsoft invests in submarine cables to connect global data centers

to provide data transmission services with higher speed, high transmission volume and low latency across continents and oceans

ctiforum on May 21 (Li Wenjie): David Crowley, director of Microsoft Network enablement management, said when talking about the trends of the telecommunications industry with the media during international telecommunications week (ITW), The telecommunications industry is undergoing transformation in response to the increasing amount of data consumption. While looking forward to the interaction mode between individuals, enterprises and technology in the future, Microsoft also found that enterprises must immediately increase investment in projects in some fields, so as to continue to support customer needs and assist their business growth. Nowadays, every user and organization expects to obtain the required information anytime and anywhere, so Microsoft must establish relevant infrastructure to provide cloud services (including Azure Platform) that customers need to develop their international business

in the past nine months, Microsoft has actively cooperated with many optical fiber manufacturers to vigorously invest in the development of submarine cables and terrestrial dark fiber capacity, with cable distribution across several continents and oceans. Today, we have further strengthened the transatlantic and trans Pacific cable connection, which grandviewresearch, headquartered in San Francisco, said in its latest research report. Microsoft has also announced its cooperation plan with Hibernia and aqua comms, which will invest in a cable in each company to connect Microsoft's data center infrastructure from North America to Ireland and the UK. These cables will provide global customers with higher speed, high transmission volume and low latency data transmission services

in addition, Microsoft has also formed an alliance with telecom companies such as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom and KT Corporation plus cable supplier te Subcom. As a member of the alliance, Microsoft will invest and set up its first physical cable station in the United States to connect... Nissan has used transparent plastic headlights for its new "skyline" cars in North America and Asia. New cross Pacific Cable Network (NCP) will provide customers with faster data connection and transmission, strengthen Microsoft's competitiveness in cloud costs, and create employment opportunities. Remember this day in depth and stimulate local economic development. The purpose of Microsoft's expansion and investment in submarine cable is to enable customers to quickly obtain information in the most convenient and efficient way everywhere

Satya NADELLA, the CEO of Microsoft, once expressed his vision for Microsoft: to become a mobile first and cloud first enterprise. Microsoft's latest profit report also pointed out that the profit of the commercial cloud sector, including Azure Platform, office 365 and other services, increased by 106%. At the same time, as Microsoft continues to expand cloud services and global infrastructure, it also needs to strengthen subsea strategy to ensure that customers can easily and quickly access the required data

looking forward to the future, Microsoft believes that based on these investments, our customers can witness Microsoft's integration of all necessary projects and details to provide more reliable, convenient and secure cloud services

the competition between cloud services and infrastructure space is becoming increasingly fierce. However, to win this battle, we can't rely on a single cloud service or infrastructure, but to provide customers with the required value from "sea to sky" through overall innovation

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