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Microsoft launched BOT framework to let developers build their own chat robot

Microsoft launched BOT framework today, which is a new tool in the preview, which can help developers build their own chat robot for their applications. There is also a new BOT directory, which is full of sample robots - such as buildbot - which Microsoft showed at the build developer conference held in San Francisco today

bitbuilder software development kit (SDK) can be obtained in the form of open source MIT license on GitHub. These robots can be implemented into a variety of applications, including slack or telegram or SMS or even email

Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, said: robots are like new applications. Digital assistants are meta applications, or like new browsers. Intelligence is integrated into all your interactions. This is the rich platform we have

after this launch, Microsoft revealed that it talked about xiaoice chat robot in China in 2014, and the recent Thai chat robot focusing on youth. After Microsoft yanked, the robot learned how to say racist things as a result of user input. However, Microsoft was not hindered by the incident

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported Microsoft's intention to launch a new robot today

Microsoft is not the only company that invests in robots as products. The team communication application slack comes with an out of the box slackbot, which encourages the development of more robots by supporting the open source framework of the botkit. It is reported that Google, which has AI and technology at least as important as Microsoft, aims to press the contact part between the indenter or anvil and the experimental machine to establish an AI chat service. M is a chat robot in Facebook's messenger messaging application. At least in its early life, it obtained knowledge from human training

of course, before that, there was smarterchild on AOL Instant Messenger

but Microsoft's new dialogue as a platform concept is located at the intersection of Microsoft's three major Internet focus areas, NADELLA said in the keynote speech on the first day of the conference. Later, it will be changed in a few years. He explained that the dialogue as a platform is also located at the intersection of all three platforms, namely azure, office 365 and windows 10

this is a simple concept, but its influence is very strong, NADELLA said. This is about mastering the power of human language and applying it more generally to all our calculations. This means that we need to inject intelligence into our computers and Computing - intelligence about us and our environment. By doing so, we believe that this can have a far-reaching impact like previous platforms. The specific industrial goal of green ecology is the goal that the plastic processing industry seeks and must achieve. For example, graphical user interface (GUI), web, according to NADELLA, touch mobile devices

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