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Microsoft releases power Bi premium and accelerates the popularization of modern business intelligence

since its official release in July 2015, the vision of power Bi is to enable users in various positions, departments and industries to enjoy the convenience brought by power Bi in a few seconds, and gain insight from data in a few minutes, so as to realize business value. Microsoft has been committed to helping users gain a lot of insight, and has helped more than 200000 power Bi enterprise users achieve this goal. The global community composed of these customers also continues to contribute to the upgrade of power Bi. Up to now, with the joint efforts of more than 50000 users, power Bi has added more than 400 functions

Microsoft announced the release of

now, Microsoft has taken a new step to release power Bi premium. Power Bi electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine in building materials premium is based on the existing power Bi product portfolio and adopts the capacity-based licensing mode, which improves the flexibility of users to access, share and publish content. The product will also provide additional scalability and performance for power Bi services

flexibility of licensing by volume. Power Bi premium has greater licensing flexibility and can help enterprises set the appropriate access level for users according to their unique needs. For example, in many enterprises, some users who do not actively generate business intelligence still have consumer demand for content distribution. Power Bi premium enables power Bi Pro users to widely publish reports within the enterprise, without requiring power Bi Pro authorization for each user receiving reports

larger scale and higher performance. Enterprises using power Bi premium will be able to customize product performance according to the needs of their teams, departments or enterprises themselves. This service can assign the included power Bi service capacity to each enterprise and obtain the support of specified hardware, which are completely hosted by Microsoft. Enterprises can choose to apply their dedicated capacity in a wide range, or allocate these capacities to the designated workspace according to the number of users, load demand or other factors, and increase or decrease the capacity as the demand changes. This function also provides a calculator to help users with capacity planning

power BI application. In addition to the power Bi free license for enterprise deployment, Microsoft is also upgrading the content package in power Bi applications to improve the way users discover and explore insights at the enterprise level. For specific individuals, groups or enterprises that will inevitably encounter various problems, power Bi applications provide a more simplified way to deploy dashboards and reports. The installation and operation of these applications are extremely simple. Enterprise users can easily concentrate content in the same location and update it automatically

local function expansion. Power Bi premium can maintain local business intelligence assets through power Bi report server. As a local server, power Bi report server can deploy and distribute interactive POW within the scope of enterprise firewall, which affects the accuracy roughly; The latter applies servo Er Bi reports, as well as traditional paging reports. Through power Bi premium, the same number of virtual cores configured in the cloud by enterprises can also be deployed locally through power Bi reporting server without splitting capacity. Enterprises can not only choose power Bi based on cloud, but also save reports locally through power Bi report server, and gradually migrate to cloud according to their own needs

embedded analysis. For applications from customers, partners and a wide developer community, Microsoft will also improve the way power Bi content is embedded in these applications through power Bi premium. As part of this release, Microsoft has integrated power biembedded with power Bi services, providing unified API interfaces, consistent function groups, and access to the latest functions. Next, for those users who intend to embed power Bi into their applications, Microsoft will encourage them to start with power Bi desktop and gradually migrate and deploy to power Bi premium. Microsoft will also continue to support existing applications based on power biembedded

simplify the power Bi free service

just as power Bi premium simplifies large-scale business intelligence deployment, Microsoft also simplifies the difference between power Bi pro and power Bi free. Power Bi Free Edition is applicable to individual users, while power Bi Pro supports collaborative office. Before, the functional differences between the two have brought confusion to users. Microsoft will improve the free version of power Bi to have the same functions as power Bi pro, but the sharing and collaborative office functions will only be used by power Bi Pro users. Users of the free version of power Bi will be able to gain access to all data sources, increase storage restrictions in the workspace, and higher refresh and transmission speeds. These changes have been officially effective on June 1, which can ensure that problems will not often appear in the future application process. Users can visit the power Bi community for more details. Power Bi desktop will continue to be available free of charge

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