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Comments on enterprises in the field of home decoration coating

comments on enterprises in the field of home decoration coating

March 3, 2011

[China paint information] in 2010, China's home decoration coating industry continued to change, but the experts still showed up. In the face of the tightening situation of the government on the real estate market, many heroes gathered together to continue their struggle, actively responded to the government's concept of harmony, led the Chinese home decoration coating industry to strive for the top, supported the scientific concept of development and advocated a more dignified life, which can be said to have made due contributions to the development of Chinese society. From the perspective of the overall market behavior of the top ten masters in the past year, although it is slightly dull, there is no lack of highlights. It is predicted that when planning for the development of 2011, everyone does not need to murder so many cigarettes as in previous years. While continuing to set the goal of maintaining growth as in previous years, the natives basically shouted the desire of "vigorously promoting the listing". But the outcome, after all, is unpredictable today. I think we'd better talk about the performance of the top ten experts in the industry in 2010

1. Founding a nation - slightly depressed

the past 2010 is the fourth year after Nippon's major blood exchange action. For N consecutive years, Nippon has ranked first in home decoration paint in the mainland. Although it continues to use the way of "starry Grassland" as the title of Taiwan's ground landscape art Master Wang Zhenwei, with the famous painter Van Gogh's work "starry sky" as the title, it has achieved an increase of about 30 in sales, but its performance in market operation is mediocre, Not only has it made no contribution to the promotion of new products, but it has also formed a sidewall positioning in the two major businesses of latex paint and wood paint, which seems to indicate that Shandong Obert company reminds you to refer to the following requirements and principles and methods of ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot impact testing machines. Its strategy has been fully aligned with the sales volume. It seems that the rapid elimination idea of Taiwanese people who want to turn latex paint into instant noodles immediately accounts for 56.9%; Equipment with a stroke of 901100mm is now available. It is predicted that the home decoration paint sales of Nippon 2010 will reach 4.5 billion, but it is obvious that its original large channel system is beginning to loosen, and the promotion of channel flattening is not optimistic

2. Dulux - expansion undetermined

in the past year, Dulux, on the one hand, further strengthened its dominance in the field of high-end latex paint through continuous publicity and promotion of bamboo charcoal fresh home products; On the one hand, the idea of gradually promoting channel flattening in large and medium-sized cities has also achieved some results. However, it may be due to the subsequent impact of the M & A factors, its specific market strategy innovation and promotion in recent years have no new ideas, and from various signs, its backyard adjustment has not been fully in place, and the CEO's mid year resignation is the best embodiment. Objectively speaking, it is predicted that duluxpro's life is not as good as it was a few years ago. In the medium and long term, she will face the challenge of further clarifying the development strategy; In the short term, she will face a competitive siege from Nippon and local experts in the field of latex paint

3. Garberry - strive to become a regular

garberry has obviously become the first in the mainland, but the first is not a leader. From the perspective of market behavior in the past three years, in addition to continuing to promote the idea of regional flattening at home and abroad, we rarely see bright spots on it. However, from the perspective of the growth of sales performance, she is rational and wise, and Mr. Qiu deserves the name of "Godfather". In order to ensure the double growth of sales and profits, in the past year, garberry continued to carry out a large area of product upgrading as in the previous year, as well as horizontally widening the product line, desperately stuffing things into the channel. Based on this, although its growth rate has declined, it can still reach a medium high level of nearly 30 in 2010. However, under the inertia of continuing to achieve a bumper sales harvest, she still faces a more severe situation in the next transformation of "from factory to market, from speed to height, from county and town to city, and from private ownership to listing"


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