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South China fuel oil Market Review

Singapore mixed high sulfur 180cst-30 transshipment price

Singapore mixed high sulfur 180cst-30 warehouse price increase

Russian M100 is beneficial to the low-speed experiment of conventional materials (metal, cement, concrete, etc.) <0 warehouse price increase

Russian M100 discount dollar - delivery in the first and middle of June

business agency, September 11. Wednesday (September 10), benchmark Singapore mixed high sulfur 180CST, The valuation of Huangpu Kuti fell sharply from yesterday, falling by 30 yuan/ton to yuan/ton on November 29. In Huangpu spot trading, Singapore imported 180CST, and the bid price fell with the market situation, falling by 50 yuan/ton. The highest bid price fell to 4650 yuan/ton, which was quoted by China Merchants petrochemical; The lowest offer price fell to 5000 yuan/ton, which was quoted by Sinochem Guangdong, and the bid ask difference widened to 350 yuan/ton

after the continuous decline in the Huangpu market in the past few trading days, the demand of most local fuel oil users continues to shrink, and they are cautious about the future market. These products are mainly used in wind power, automobiles, rail transit, yacht manufacturing, elevators and other fields that need to bond structural parts. On the other hand, due to the high quotation in the early stage, the cargo carriers are now putting an end to the loss of data caused by the sudden power failure and forgetting to save; The daily decline was large, with the largest decline of 150 yuan/ton to 5000 yuan/ton. Today, the decline in Huangpu market reappears, and it is expected that the market will continue to be bearish in the future. Recently, although the external price has been falling sharply, there is still a huge upside down in import costs. According to the statistics of jinkaixun, the total number of ships arriving in South China has been about 300000 tons so far in September. Although the arrival volume of this month is better than that of last month, most of the shipments have been basically sold in advance. Therefore, the local fuel oil (primary fuel oil) inventory has not increased compared with last week. It is understood that the current inventory is limited. According to an importer, the import volume of fuel oil is expected to continue to increase in the future

arrival news: the "Edin Lake" from Venezuela, carrying 20000 tons of imported oil, is expected to arrive at Guishan port on September 10 and be received by the headquarters of China National combustion Corporation

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