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"Electric power + artificial intelligence" jointly create a new era of automation

on November 26, the Beijing electric power artificial intelligence data competition was officially launched in Beijing. The competition, hosted by Beijing Electric Power Company of the people's Republic of China and themed on "a new era of intelligence, a new future of security", aims to explore new methods for the application of artificial intelligence technology in power scenarios, and promote the quality and efficiency improvement of the power industry and the integrated development of the energy industry

artificial intelligence, known as the core driving force of the fourth industrial revolution, will play an important role in promoting the development of digital economy and helping the national energy transformation. With the integration and development of big data, cloud computing, neural networks and other technologies, artificial intelligence has achieved great success in computer vision, natural language processing, voice processing and other fields, bringing new ideas and solutions to the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the power industry, and has broad application prospects in the fields of power design, operation and maintenance, dispatching control, security management, customer service and so on

how is artificial intelligence applied in the power industry

at present, the world is undergoing an energy revolution and a digital revolution, with green, intelligent and interconnected as the main theme. Artificial intelligence is the inevitable choice of the new generation of power and energy interconnection. Power artificial intelligence will coexist harmoniously with the new generation of data-driven energy interconnection in the future. The core technology direction of electric AI includes 7 parts: intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence platform, big data, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent robot, etc

smart sensing aims to build a full-service ubiquitous power IOT, integrates advanced technology and innovative research, and breaks through core technologies such as advanced sensing, edge intelligence, network connection, and micro source energy extraction; The AI platform will provide a rich algorithm and model base, and form a one-stop service for the whole process of AI application research and development; Big data will focus on the research of technology, application requirements and business models such as unified platform, data analysis and mining, unified data model, etc. for the materials used in aerospace and aviation, which have high requirements for many aspects of physical performance; Machine learning develops machine learning application models for specific power business scenarios on the basis of tracking and studying deep learning and reinforcement learning; Computer vision will focus on the research and development of intelligent auxiliary annotation technology for power images, power equipment detection and defect recognition algorithms to achieve real-time equipment recognition and defect detection; Natural language processing will build a power thesaurus, build a knowledge map in the fields of regulation, operation inspection and marketing, and finally form a new generation of power intelligent search and question and answer solutions; Intelligent robots will focus on breaking through the core technologies such as intelligent algorithm encapsulation, autonomous recognition, autonomous behavior, autonomous learning, human-computer cooperation, and so on, so as to realize the autonomy and intelligence of electric robots

artificial intelligence power in

national power has a good performance in the application of inspection robots. It gradually raises the piston of the oil cylinder. I believe everyone has seen it. In the process of electric construction and maintenance, there will always be some "iron men" shuttling in the air. We are shocked by their skilled operation technology and courage. At the same time, we often worry more about these people. After all, there are still dangers in high-altitude and high-voltage electric work. However, with the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of electricity, some inspection robots have completed this dangerous high-altitude operation instead of human beings, and their efficiency is much higher than that of human beings. Through high-precision positioning, AI voice, image and other recognition technologies, these inspection robots can complete tasks that are difficult to complete manually in various harsh natural environments, and greatly improve the efficiency of operations through large-scale operations. Even through in-depth learning technology, we can conduct dynamic risk assessment of electric disasters against natural disasters such as typhoons

in addition to state grid, China Southern Power Co., Ltd. is not behind others in Ai Ai, and its application is even more advanced. Nanfang power has reached strategic cooperation with domestic enterprises with obvious advantages in the field of artificial intelligence to provide technical support for Guangdong power, and assist it in making accurate analysis, judgment, optimization and decision-making in various links such as power transmission and distribution through machine vision, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and other technologies

artificial intelligence + electricity = in the future, the development of artificial intelligence in the power industry also requires professional strength. There are five advantages in the development of artificial intelligence in China, namely, massive data resources; Open market environment; Strong strategic guidance and policy support; Rich application scenarios; Young talents with potential, the advantages of rapid growth, accumulation and accelerated accumulation of technical capabilities. However, there is always another side to the coin. There are also some shortcomings in the development of AI in China without the publication of official publications. For example, there is a large gap between the basic theory of AI and original algorithms, and the foundation of high-end chips, key components, high-precision sensors and so on is weak. An open-source and open platform of AI with international influence has not been formed, and the shortage of high-level talents has become the biggest bottleneck

with the advent of the era of Internet of things, the power industry is also paying increasing attention to artificial intelligence. AI is not only the focus of discussion in all walks of life, but also gradually become a new engine of economic development. Electric power is an important basic industry of the national economy, which is capital, technology, equipment, data intensive and familiar with public services. Power consumption data is one of the three indicators of Keqiang coefficient. As the basic industry of the national economy, power data reflects the actual operation of all walks of life and is an important basis for promoting the modernization of national governance capacity in the future

with the growth of time, China's investment in intelligent electricity has also increased, which also shows that the development of electricity in China is moving towards the direction of increasing automation and intelligence of robots in plastic production workshops and laboratories. The basic policy of China's power development is to improve energy efficiency, protect the ecological environment, strengthen power construction, vigorously develop hydropower, optimize the development of coal-fired power, actively promote nuclear power construction, encourage new energy power generation, and deepen institutional reform. Under the guidance of this policy, China's power development in the future will show significant characteristics of high automation level, economic efficiency, environmental protection, technological progress and accelerated pace of industrial upgrading

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