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East China fuel oil Market Review

mixed high sulfur 180CST 4 around the upgrading of traditional industries -30

mixed high sulfur 380cst -30

Russia since 2012 Sri Lanka M100 Russian M100 discount US dollars 0 in mid October CFR East China

domestic 250cst 0

Business News Agency on September 11 East China market mixed high sulfur 180CST Kuti valuation yuan/ton, the average price fell 30 yuan. The Russian M100 market valuation is yuan/ton, the average price is stable, and the CFR East China discount in mid October is US dollars. The market valuation was subsequently lowered. The bow ring of East China fuel oil market is fixed at the lower part of the middle crossbeam, and the demand of the field is sluggish, and the pressure of the refinery is increasing day by day. A market player in Ningbo said that the international crude oil market is too weak, and there is simply no domestic factor to support the whole market, and the price is far from the end. It is reported that the atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit of CNOOC Taizhou Petrochemical has entered the maintenance period since last Saturday, and it is expected to resume operation around September 16. In addition, after the shutdown of Taizhou petrochemical, the price of domestic 250 was reduced to 4550 yuan/ton yesterday, a decrease of 100 yuan/ton, in order to stimulate market demand to alleviate inventory pressure

the price of domestic mixed high sulfur 180CST ship used in Shanghai is RMB/ton, and the Commission of domestic mixed 180CST car used in boiler is RMB/ton

in Ningbo market, the transaction price of 180CST with domestic mixed high sulfur for ships is yuan/ton, and the vehicle price of 180CST with domestic mixed sulfur for boilers is yuan/ton

in Zhoushan market, the transaction price of domestic mixed oil 180CST ship is RMB/ton, and the price of domestic mixed oil 180CST Kuche for boiler is RMB/ton

domestic 250 in East China: Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical 1# residue (medium sulfur and high density) factory quotation 4400 yuan/ton, Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical 2# residue (medium sulfur and high density) factory quotation 4370 yuan/ton, Daxie Petrochemical low sulfur 250 factory quotation 4750 yuan/ton, Taizhou Petrochemical low sulfur and low density domestic 250 factory quotation 4550 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan, Jiangsu Fuel Corporation domestic 250 quotation 4700 yuan/ton

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