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Powder coatings export to Cuba Ningbo Customs launched the fast track

since September 17, the "AA, A-class enterprise inspection fast track" of Ningbo Customs has entered the 17th month after its opening. "It is convenient to abide by the law in good faith, and punish those who break the law in bad faith. The surface roughness is high." in order to allow more legitimate enterprises with high reputation to take the customs clearance Express train, Ningbo Customs launched the AA and A-class enterprise inspection express channel last April. In the past one and a half years, the fast track has inspected 1488 customs declarations and 3640 TEUs. The average inspection time of each batch of goods is nearly 3 hours less than that of general goods. More than 2000 AA and A-class enterprises in the jurisdiction of Ningbo customs have enjoyed the tangible benefits of honest management. "Honesty can buy speed!" Zhuang Zhenhua, a customs broker of Ningbo Mingzhou branch of Zhejiang Sinotrans Co., Ltd., sighed, "law-abiding operation will enable enterprises to enjoy the convenience of the customs. 4. Fabric tensile testing machine: the textile industry needs to test the customs clearance measures for fabric peeling, puncture and tearing. If it weren't for the inspection express, my batch of goods would be stranded."

it turned out that recently, Ningbo Mingzhou branch of Zhejiang Sinotrans Co., Ltd. urgently declared the export of one ticket of "powder coating". Because this cargo was a temporary additional order from a major Cuban merchant, the delivery time was tight, and the enterprise basically shipped while producing. The shipping date is at hand. Once it is delayed, it will not only bear the breach of contract, but also affect the credit of the enterprise. Therefore, Zhuang Zhenhua immediately submitted the application for priority inspection to the customs inspection window of AA and class A enterprises tinuvin? Xt100 contains hindered amine components that can intercept free radicals. After Chenqiao verifies the credit rating of the enterprise, the customs officer who receives the order starts to check the customs declaration, and at the same time, quickly informs the inspection customs officer to give priority to the inspection. After receiving the task, Li Zhaojun, the customs inspector, immediately contacted the relevant departments and yard staff of Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. and rushed to the inspection site. Under the premise of strict supervision and verification, the inspection of the goods was completed as soon as possible. The whole process is closely connected without any gap, and the goods are on board as scheduled

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