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Powder coatings seek transformation, upgrading and high-quality development

powder coatings seek transformation, upgrading and high-quality development

November 22, 2019

November 19, 2019, during the 24th China Shanghai international coatings exhibition, tiger new materials, Huangshan Huajia; Fujian Wan'an, Guangdong wise; Qianjiang River in Zhaoqing; Anhui Meijia, Guangdong Qingtian; Foshan jiacaicai; Guangdong defusheng; Tianjin Xiangsheng; Beijing hansenbond; Wenzhou Nippon and other 12 powder coating manufacturing enterprises of the private board of directors for green transformation and upgrading of powder coating manufacturing held a powder coating safety and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum in tiger surface technology new materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to discuss industrial safety and environmental protection, transformation and upgrading, high-quality and healthy development

wuxiangping, Secretary General of the coating and coating professional committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Wu Xiangping pointed out that safe manufacturing is the top priority of the powder coating industry, and intelligent manufacturing is the trend of the industry development. In the future, the 12 benchmark Enterprises in the powder coating industry will take the lead in doing a good job in safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, which will not only do a good job for their own enterprises, but also affect the common progress of the entire industry, I would like to thank the leaders of 12 enterprises in the industry for their exemplary leadership, especially Luo Biao, CEO of tiger new materials, for sharing the world's most cutting-edge ideas and practical experience with you. Under the favorable trend of environmental protection, the special committee is also working on the formulation of Safety specifications and standards for powder coatings, hoping that in the future, the whole industry can have standards for coatings

Wu Xiangping said: he strongly supports the holding of such private board activities, and the special committee will also participate more together. Under the leadership of excellent enterprises such as tiger, the combination of theory and practice can accelerate the rapid growth of industry benchmark enterprises, further work towards technological innovation and industry technology alliance, jointly influence and promote the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and gradually modularize safety, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing

LUO Biao pointed out that in the first 20 years of the 21st century, China's manufacturing industry has experienced an era of rapid development. In the era of big data, everyone has become a part of data. In the past 20 years, the powder coating manufacturing industry has grown rapidly and the manufacturing level has gradually improved. Powder coating production is constantly moving towards lean and informatization

Luo Biao said that while vigorously developing new products, tiger new materials is also making continuous efforts to level and even surpass the gap with the world's advanced manufacturing level. In all links of production and operation, tiger company paid attention to the collection and analysis of three worldwide difficulties of flammable organic insulation material polyurethane, which has low fire resistance rating, high smoke and high toxicity, and paid attention to the use of advanced equipment and technology to realize the upgrading of powder coating manufacturing

Luo Biao said that in 2007, tiger introduced sap to form a polymerization effect system to realize production formula management. At the same time, data-based production management has been started. In the batching process, advanced error proof weighing system is adopted to ensure the traceability of raw materials while accurately weighing; In the process of extrusion and milling, the big data management of process parameters is realized through WinCC system and SAP ppm system. It ensures the process standardization among various manufacturing bases and the consistent quality. In terms of production management, tiger controls the production time through the BDE scanning system, monitors the running status of the equipment in real time, and also brings the equipment maintenance into standardized management. For the quality information in the production process, tiger uses the quality management module to record the inspection data, and uses the shift record system to record the abnormal information in the production. We are committed to creating a black box of production information, ensuring the authenticity and comprehensive traceability of production data, and sharing process parameters among branches. In the packaging sector, tiger adopts fully automatic packaging equipment, from automatic unpacking to mechanized bagging and sealing, and will build an unmanned production line within one year

through the production MES system, we can achieve the control of the whole production process, gradually refine the management granularity, and use big data and intelligent reporting system to accurately analyze and respond quickly, so as to improve the management level of powder coating manufacturing

the picture shows the representatives of the forum visiting the high-end manufacturing positions of tiger new materials company

delegates at the meeting said that their trip was worthwhile. Through the forum learning and exchange, they witnessed the strength of tiger China, saw the innovation of tiger China, and admired the original intention and pattern of Mr. Luo Biao, CEO of tiger China

Wang Zhifei, general manager of Huangshan Huajia: participating in this safety and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum benefited a lot. Tiger company shared their cutting-edge ideas and practical experience in the field of safety, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. Their pattern is very large and worthy of admiration; In addition, the regional distribution of benchmarking enterprises is very wide. It is believed that in the area covered by benchmarking enterprises in the future, the member enterprises of the private board of directors should first set an industry model, and then influence and radiate other enterprises in the surrounding area to lead the common progress of the whole industry

Wang Fangyin, chairman of Anhui Meijia new materials: under the careful planning of tiger company, the heads of 12 member units of the powder coating private board of directors, the executives in charge of production, technology, safety and environmental protection departments, the Secretary General of the industry association and other members gathered at Tiger New Materials to hold a forum on powder coating safety and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, through the visit to the tiger production workshop and the safety, environmental protection, digitalization During the on-site demonstration and explanation of automation, the delegates showed that tiger took the lead in promoting the development of safe, green and intelligent manufacturing in the industry, achieved the purpose of common learning, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results and common development of all manufacturers, and played a positive exemplary role in promoting the development of powder coating industry to a higher level and higher quality

Wu Qingsong, executive director of Guangdong defusheng: Thank tiger for its new surface materials, and admire Luo Biao's CEO's mind! Our Defu students are also building new factories in Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces. This study and visit have benefited a lot. I feel that there is a big gap, so I have to try to learn from the benchmarking enterprise tiger company

the private board of directors of powder coating industry advocated by CEO Luo Biao aims to improve the quality, R & D level and industry influence of China's powder coating industry. In the recent production of powder coatings, the safety, environmental protection, system construction, take the tiger as an example. Hope to keep learning and grow together! Wu Qingsong said

Han Guiliang, general manager of Beijing Hansen Bond: through this forum on safety, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing of production process of the private board of directors, especially the visit to the production process of tiger factory and the selfless explanation of several leaders, processes and safety teams of tiger, we benefited a lot. We also learned a lot while seeing the gap. Thank you, CEO Luo Biao

zhaojinxiang, general manager of Tianjin Xiangsheng: after a day of learning and exchange, the powder coating enterprise displayed in front of me will be safe, clean and intelligent, and will be realized in tiger in the near future. It is hoped that tiger can become a benchmark in the powder industry and a target to be pursued by colleagues in the industry

Su Jie, general manager of Fujian Wan'an: thanks for tiger's selfless sharing, which makes us avoid many detours in intelligent manufacturing; It is hoped that under the leadership of tiger, the member enterprises of the private board of directors will work together to make some contributions to the green production, safety and environmental protection production and intelligent production of the industry, and pull zl201120433523.7 1 PE pipe fitting injection molding machine rubber sealing cylinder water-cooling structure close to or even surpass the gap between the domestic industry and the world industry

LUO Biao hopes that through this safety, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing workshop forum, everyone can broaden their horizons, pool their wisdom and efforts, and jointly look forward to the future manufacturing vision of the industry, so as to make powder coating manufacturing simple, safe and clean

LUO Biao said that the private board of directors for green transformation and upgrading of powder coating manufacturing will hold various forums and workshops in the future to address the challenges faced by the industry, conduct multidimensional and comprehensive discussions and cooperation in the fields of joint research and development, joint development of new market segments and centralized procurement, and strive to establish strategic partnership with leading enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries, so as to make the powder coating industry more orderly and dynamic, And create a win-win pattern in the whole value chain

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