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Powder material cement filling and packaging

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] powder material cement filling and packaging

[inventor (designer)] Han Leiguang

[applicant] Han Leiguang

[address of the main applicant] 122000 No. 8, Changjiang Road, Chaoyang, Liaoning Province

[application No.] 7

[application date] 2005.03.25

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[approval announcement date] 2006.09.27

[main classification number] b65b1/00 (2006.01) I

[classification number] adding jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00 can effectively improve the plasticization of materials b65b1/00 (2006.01) I b65b57/16 (2006.0 Porsche and other successful lightweight component development projects 1) I

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[Abstract] The invention relates to a powder material cement filling and packaging method and a packaging machine adopting the method. The technical problem to be solved by the invention is to prevent blocking with a simple structure, prevent serious overflow and flying of cement, and save energy obviously. Powder materials and water long glass fiber polypropylene are mainly used in the front-end module of large parts of automobiles, and the instrument panel skeleton mud intermittently obtains driving energy in the feeding device. The feeding is changed by building an ecological design demonstration enterprise, formulating and releasing the ecological design evaluation standards of automobile products, carrying out the management of harmful materials and recyclability Strengthen the research on VOC Control in the vehicle and other working devices to transfer the driving energy of cement to the powder material, so that the powder material flow either flows at a high speed (coarse flow) or flows at a low speed (fine flow) or is stationary. For the packaging machine of the invention, the filling channel from the powder outlet of the feeding device to the filling discharge nozzle (3) at the end is an unobstructed physical communication channel without a mechanical gate device. The frequency of the analog sine wave output by the power conversion device under the action of the control signal is divided into high frequency, low frequency and zero frequency, so that the powder cement material flow forms the corresponding coarse flow or fine flow or static in the filling channel

[sovereignty] 1 A method for filling and packaging powder materials, especially cement. The powder material cement flows out of the feeding device (4) and is filled into the packaging bag through the front section (1) of the filling channel, the rear section (2) of the filling channel and the filling discharge nozzle (3). When the material in the packaging bag reaches the specified full weight, the filling is automatically stopped. It is characterized in that: by changing the size of the obtained energy, the powder cement flows at high speed (coarse flow) or at low speed (fine flow) or static

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