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Power automation giants have entered micro electricity

Swiss ABB group, a power and automation technology giant, announced on the 1st that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung SDI, the world's leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, to promote micro electricity business worldwide. The share prices of listed companies with related businesses at home and abroad have risen strongly since last year. As of April 1, the shares of SunEdison (sune), the world's largest renewable energy company, and China Sunshine Power Co., Ltd., have soared by 29% and 100.5% so far this year, respectively, for flexible and transparent high impact pneumatic tubes

analysts pointed out that in view of the current worldwide energy and environmental problems and high demand for power security, the micro electricity market will grow steadily in the future, and the prospect is promising

connect big power and users

abb will establish a global business alliance with Samsung SDI to promote the modular and large-scale development of micro electric solutions by virtue of the former's market share, electrical technology advantages and global service network, as well as the latter's lithium-ion battery technology. Specifically, abb will provide technologies in electrification, control optimization and electrical stability, and Samsung SDI will provide batteries and battery management systems

the definition given by authoritative scientific research institutions is that micro grid is an independent system composed of distributed power sources, which is generally connected to large systems through tie lines. Due to the imbalance between power supply and demand, micro grid can choose to supply each other or operate independently

compared with traditional big power, micro power sometimes asks what is the difference between these two kinds of lead screws? Which one is better? Aiming at the customer's questions, Gao summarized several points here, which are the network composed of multiple distributed power sources and their related loads, and connected to the big power through static switches, which can realize self-control, protection and management, and can more effectively connect the power generation side and the user side, which can operate together with external power or in isolation. Developing and extending micro electric energy can fully promote the large-scale access of distributed power and renewable energy, and realize the high reliable supply of various energy forms for the load. It is an effective way to realize active power distribution, and it is the transition from traditional electricity to intelligent electricity

most of the power sources in micro electricity are distributed power sources with small capacity, that is, small units with power electronic interfaces, including micro gas turbines, fuel cells, photovoltaic cells, small wind turbines, super capacitors, flywheels, batteries and other energy storage devices. They are connected to the user side and have the characteristics of low cost, low voltage and low pollution. Micro electricity is a beneficial supplement to large electricity. The development of micro electricity can economically and effectively solve the power supply problem in remote areas, and avoid regional power weakness and large-scale blackouts caused by a single power supply mode

the future may become a blue ocean market

the research and development of micro electricity abroad started earlier, and breakthroughs have been made in key technologies. A number of demonstration projects have been built in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada and other economies. The analysis organization pointed out that from a global perspective, the potential of micro electric products has been continuously explored, and it is still mainly in the experimental and demonstration stage. The promotion of micro electric technology has passed the infancy period, and the market scale has grown steadily

the European Commission proposed that micro electricity will become an important part of the future electricity in Europe because of its intelligence and diversified energy utilization

according to the report released by Navigant research, an American research company, in February this year, the sales of micro electricity related products for power supply companies in the United States was $1.4 billion in 2014, and it is expected to expand to more than $3billion by 2023. It is expected that the revenue of distributed micro electricity of global utilities will increase to US $46.1 billion in

the report points out that although the utility distributed micro electricity still accounts for a small share of the entire micro electricity market, its development prospects in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region are promising. Especially in the United States, large-scale power outages caused by damage free and extreme weather occur frequently, and the demand for power security promotes the rapid development of wechat business. The report also points out that the overall structure and business model related to micro electric equipment and services are not yet perfect. In the future, the micro electric of power supply companies will accelerate investment in order to reduce the risk of power outages. By 2023, the annual sales of related equipment and services will expand to more than $3billion

SunEdison of the United States said on the 27th of this month that it would purchase 1000 sets of fluid vanadium batteries from energy storage solution provider energy power systems for solar energy storage, so as to promote the electrification of SunEdison in rural India and the development of solar micro electricity

Solar City Corporation (Scty), another U.S. photovoltaic power generation development and operation company, announced on the 17th that it began to provide gridlogic, a micro electricity related service that combines decentralized photovoltaic power generation equipment, batteries and energy control systems worldwide. The target users are islands, remote areas and other areas far away from the existing large-scale electricity, as well as hospitals and military bases with independent power supply for safety

San Diego natural gas and power company (sdge) announced on February 17 that it has received a subsidy of about US $5million from the California Energy Commission for the expansion of micro electricity in the borregospprings region of California. With this subsidy, the micro electricity of borregospprings will be imported into a million watt photovoltaic power station with a total output power of about 26MW. As a result, the wechat will become the largest wechat in the United States, covering about 1000 customers

domestic related research has just started.

domestic micro electric research is still in the exploratory stage, and the State Grid Corporation of China is the main institution for micro electric technology research. Some new energy enterprises in China have been involved in this business field. In November, 2014, sungrow power announced that it had established an energy storage joint venture with Samsung SDI to develop micro electricity business. Some of the company's products have been successfully applied to the micro electricity project on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

Taiwan quanhan Enterprise Co., Ltd., the fifth largest power supply in the world, has started the development of a 6.8 kWh solar household micro electricity project since 2013. According to the development trend of solar roof power generation, combined with lithium battery energy storage system, solar system, high conversion efficiency charger and inverter, automatic switch and other technologies, the plan plans to develop household solar distributed power system

quanhan said that the above-mentioned micro electric system can independently supply household electricity demand in areas where there is no municipal electricity supply; In areas with municipal power, it can be used in combination with municipal power to save expensive electricity charges and increase the independence of life and the efficiency of renewable energy use; In addition, it can be used as emergency standby power to avoid the impact of power shortage after natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons

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