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118 substances or food packaging materials the general office of the Ministry of Health issued the letter on Soliciting Opinions on additives for food packaging materials to be approved, asking for opinions on approving 118 substances such as boric acid and hydrogenated paraffin as the second batch of additives for food packaging materials

according to the published catalogue, the use scope of these 118 substances mainly includes plastic, adhesive, ink, rubber, glass, paper and other food packaging materials. The catalog details the name and scope of use of additives, and also specifies the maximum use amount and specific migration amount/maximum residue amount of some additives. In addition, for toxic substances such as diphenylmethane-4,4-diisocyanate, the catalogue not only strictly stipulates that the specific migration amount is not allowed to be detected, but the maximum residue amount should be equal to or less than 1 mg/kg (calculated by isocyanate), but also specifically stipulates that the substance is safe in the mining market and can be used for packaging in contact with alcoholic food, and the use temperature should be 0~60 ℃

according to the relevant person from the Ministry of health, food packaging material additives are completely different from food additives. Additives for food packaging materials, but China's development is still in an important strategic opportunity period. They are used in the production process of food packaging materials and are added to meet the expected use, which can help to improve their quality, characteristics or have corresponding auxiliary effects. This is the first time that the scientific community has used light to push a macro object and realize macro driving so far

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