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12345 call center operator: the public "heard" my smile

buningning was answering the phone

buningning was an operator who reduced the cost of 12345 until she was qualified. Last September, she just entered 12345 and finally received 366.5. Although it is not a long time, she has deeply loved this job

entering the winter, it has also entered the peak period of complaints. She has to answer more than 100 calls a day. She often hangs up the last one and then the next one calls in. She doesn't even have time to drink water. There must be times when I am very tired. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I answer the phone for a long time. But when I received thanks from the public, I felt very happy. Buningning said with a smile

it was found that a mirror was placed in front of each operator's seat. Buningning said that this is one of the magic weapons of her work. Sometimes, she would receive calls from anxious citizens, and even harassment from drunken citizens. This job requires her to smile, listen patiently, and be urgent. Every time he sees himself frowning in the mirror, buningning is 2 Whether the main power switch of the server is turned on due to friction damage or the direction change is not turned on will adjust the state of mind and put yourself in the caller's mood

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