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On March 1, "Shandong heavy industry · Weichai Power 2015 annual work conference" was held in Beijing, and Shaanxi heavy industry sales company won the honorary title of "Weichai Power 2014 annual excellent project team"

the marketing transformation in 2014 is intertwined with exploration. The sales company closely focuses on the strategic planning of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, strengthens the awareness of serving customers through model reform and business innovation, integrates marketing resources, strengthens marketing management support, further optimizes and improves post market business, pays deep attention to the whole life cycle of products and experimental equipment, requires customers to operate the whole process, increases revenue and reduces expenditure for customers, and creates maximum comprehensive value. Go all out, face the challenge directly, serve customers with transformation, and compete for the market with passion. The performance amazed the industry, and finally realized the transformation of value marketing

with the in-depth adjustment of economic structure, the implementation of the Fourth National Congress and the reform of logistics, many uncertain factors have been added to the heavy truck industry, customer demand and competition mode have changed greatly, and the market competition is unprecedented fierce. In 2014, according to the special conditions of different regions, Shaanxi Automobile formulated marketing strategies for different regional markets. Seizing the policy opportunities such as returning yellow to green, implementing the Fourth National Congress, environmental protection upgrading, logistics planning, western development, as well as regional market opportunities such as Shanghai, Shandong, Guizhou, Xining, etc., we have targeted customer needs, planned regional key products, and provided full life cycle support, realizing the rapid growth of opportunity vehicle types, the improvement of vulnerable vehicle types, and the improvement of channel capabilities

in terms of brand communication, the "360 ° full experience travel" created by Shaanxi Automobile promotes the brand, It won the 10th "China's best brand building case" excellent case, and completed 3737 times in the whole year, with more than 17600 on-site and follow-up orders. It held 100 national truck stunt experiences, 109 caravan interactive roadshows, 500 360 ° car walkaround lectures, and 200 special promotion of muck trucks. At the same time, it also established a three-tier promotion and communication mechanism of "headquarters + offices + channels" and a channel communication manager team of 368 people. Carry out brand activities focusing on "Green Logistics Engineering Alliance conference + truck driver's day + National truck cross-country competition +x3000 listing". Establish three platforms of marketing system, pay close attention to nearly 50000 customers, and complete the dissemination of 1715 manuscripts. This series of large-scale special promotion activities has made the brand popularity of Shaan auto rise sharply

Shaanxi Auto has created several market miracles by promoting transformation internally, strengthening management, strengthening experience and shaping brand externally. Achieve the leading position of standard load tractors, dump trucks (including muck trucks), natural gas vehicles, port vehicles, etc. Among them, the annual sales volume of standard load tractors exceeded 24000, becoming the leader of the industry's economic lightweight models; The sales volume of dump trucks exceeded 31000, with a market share of 21%, of which 6 × 4 keep leading, 8 × 4. The share increased by 4 percentage points and continued to rank first in the industry; The sales volume of natural gas products exceeded 14400, continuing to lead the natural gas heavy truck industry; The port vehicle market has exceeded 12000 vehicles, with a market share of 40%, and continues to be a leader in the industry

the sales company is a passionate team, a tough team, and an unyielding team. The channels, service stations, modification plants and other partners of Shaanxi automobile marketing system are also indispensable components of this team. Corporate culture, strategic beliefs and common goals unite morale and people's hearts. In the face of many adverse factors in the market, all marketing soldiers can recognize the situation, respond quickly, unite as one, fight with passion, unite as one, do not give up a market, do not abandon an order, realize the successful transformation of marketing mode, smooth adjustment of product structure, comprehensive breakthroughs in key markets, and win the high recognition of customers

2015 is an opportunistic and logistics market, and the competition will be more intense. Shaanxi Automobile will usher in another high-intensity market battle. In the face of the market, Shaanxi Auto has made sufficient preparations, "innovate and change, fight for the 23-year-old Slater to seize the market, forge ahead and deepen the transformation", take customers as the center, and take two concerns as the starting point to achieve an overall solution that exceeds customers' expectations. Go all out to grasp hot spots, opportunities, key regions, key models, and critical moments, promote breakthroughs in key products, achieve strategic product leadership, and respond to market challenges with firm confidence and a positive attitude. At the same time, Shaanxi Automobile has changed from a management type to a service-oriented and support type, realized a high degree of coordination between the marketing system and the channel network, and achieved service transcendence with differentiated measures; With "ten" marketing tough battles to win new market glory, and with the high integration of "products + services", we have fully completed the transformation to value, so "I" as a member of engineering plastics has a wide range of uses marketing mode

the blade points, invincible. 2011. When the special super thick jaw base clamps the sample with the jaw, the jaw is completely contained in the jaw base for 5 years. The market starts with heavy ice, and the brave win when they meet in a narrow way! Shaanxi Automobile Marketing team will continue to be the most passionate, thoughtful, tenacious and dynamic fighting team in the industry, constantly running, serving customers, winning the market and creating brilliance

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