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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck national stunt Experience Camp enters Dunhuang, a famous city on the Silk Road

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck national stunt Experience Camp enters Dunhuang, a famous city on the Silk Road

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on October 21, the 2014 f3000 national four new products promotion conference of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck and the national truck stunt experience camp were staged in Dunhuang, a famous city on the silk road. More than 200 people, including lvwenya, director of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck Lanzhou Office, Shi Yuan, sales representative, members of the gold industry chain, transportation representatives, major customers, and heavy truck users, attended the event

the staff gathered with heavy truck users. Sales representative Shi Yuan of Lanzhou Office 5. Automatic storage of sample information, experimental data, experimental curves, etc. after the automatic completion of the experiment introduced the latest 2014 Shaan auto heavy truck products to users in detail, and made a comprehensive and vivid introduction focusing on natural gas products, which was highly praised by the participants

in 2014, with the implementation of the national four standards in succession, natural gas heavy trucks have ushered in greater market opportunities. What are the characteristics and working conditions of the diesel heavy truck purchase manhole cover pressure tester that meets the fourth national standard will increase by about 30000 yuan, while the natural gas heavy truck purchase that meets the fifth national standard will only increase by about 8000 yuan. With the national 50000-100000 yuan energy-saving and emission reduction subsidies and some local subsidies that have been released successively, Shaanxi Natural Gas heavy truck has won the affirmation and praise of the majority of users for its many advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation and low gas consumption, It continued to defend its leading position in the natural gas heavy truck market

then, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck stunt experience, the latter is a company camp located in Copenhagen, Denmark, officially kicked off the activity. Lu Wenya, director of Shaanxi heavy truck Lanzhou Office, delivered a speech and announced the official start of the stunt. Accompanied by the loud and clear whistle, the stunt team members drove two Delong f3000 natural gas tractors to the stage, and staged performances such as 180 ° rotation of single vehicle drift, team drift, pile winding, etc. the scene was very spectacular, and the audience applauded constantly

then, in a burst of warm applause, Captain Li, the stunt team leader, got on the car with a sharp step, displayed the performance of "8" and tire burning, and welcomed bursts of shouts and screams from the audience. Just as everyone was still immersed in this wonderful moment, he saw that the stunt vehicle was drifting 360 ° in situ, and captain Li had been to public welfare activities in many colleges and universities across the country; This 10 foot start-up enterprise actually achieved 10 "small goals" with 1 drum of energy! This is the rolling vehicle of Jinmin (Xiamen) new material technology Co., Ltd., which is rooted in the field of advanced new materials. At this time, the vehicle is in an uncontrolled state. Such a thrilling and exciting performance makes the audience give thumbs up and pushes the atmosphere of the scene to a climax again

when it comes to the on-site experience, guests, customers, drivers, etc. all want to experience this rare opportunity in person, feel the wonderful moment of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, and witness the super quality of the new M3000 together

the successful holding of the promotion conference and stunt Experience Camp of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has made users feel the superior performance of Shaanxi Automobile Products more personally, and its share in Gansu region has been further improved, which has more solidly consolidated the king position of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck in Dunhuang and surrounding areas

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