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Shaanxi Automobile Group visited and studied Weichai's mutual exchange and common improvement

Shaanxi Automobile Group visited and studied Weichai's mutual exchange and common improvement

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on the afternoon of October 14, Wang Xiaojuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and assistant to the president of Shaanxi Automobile Group, and a group of 43 people came to Weichai to visit and study

accompanied by Lu Wenwu, chairman of the trade union of Weichai Jicui Lixin after inspecting the national and global markets, Shaanxi Automobile and his delegation visited the science and technology exhibition hall of the chemical center and the No. 1 factory. During the visit, Lu Wenwu introduced in detail the development and changes of the group in recent years. As a leading enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai has achieved steady progress in all its work by taking advantage of the current and long-term opportunities, accelerating the transformation of the development mode, adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure

Shaanxi Automobile Group came to Weichai to visit and study

in the face of the current complex and volatile macroeconomic situation, under the leadership of chairman Tan Xuguang, the golden industrial chain with the most competitive advantages built by Weichai engine, hande axle, fast gearbox and Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has made great contributions to building a diversified and multi market equipment manufacturing group, seizing the market and improving product competitiveness

in the conference room of the information center, Shaanxi Automobile and its delegation also had counterpart exchanges with relevant departments of Weichai. The two sides had full communication on Party building, corporate culture, operation management and strategy decoding. It is reported that the people who came to visit and exchange this time were the party organization heads of the group's subsidiaries and the 2013 outstanding communist party member representatives of Shaanxi Automobile Group, which have excellent plasticity, transparency, lightness and impact resistance. Through exchange and learning, they said that Weichai group has standardized operation and strong strength, and there are many experiences and practices worth learning from. We should exchange what we need, improve together, and strive for Weichai to enter the world's top 500 as soon as possible

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