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Shaanxi biodiesel company 3.9 million yuan transfer

Shaanxi ASUS bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced in the western property exchange that the company's shareholders Pang rurui, Yao Zhi, Zhang Changfeng and Xu Ningping plan to list and transfer 100% of the company's equity held by them at a listing price of 3.9 million yuan

Shaanxi ASUS bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 5million yuan. Its main business is the research and development, production and sales of biofuels. The company's leading product is biodiesel. The main advantages of the company are: having professional R & D personnel and having obtained innovative Daron reg; Resin production process is stable and safe, an invention patent; The production cost of the product is low, and the production cost per ton is about 4500 yuan, and the profit per ton is about 300 yuan; The raw materials are sufficient, and the raw materials are acidified cottonseed oil

according to the announcement, the biodiesel produced by the company with its own independent intellectual property right "multi-stage molecular distillation" has passed the small-scale test and pilot test, and the product performance is stable. Now it has been mass produced, with an annual design production capacity of 6000 tons, and now the minimum production capacity is 8 tons per day. The registered address of the company is Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. It is a small industrial enterprise, and its business scope is: research and development, production and sales of biofuels (excluding dangerous chemicals); Planting, deep processing, automation equipment and achievement transfer of oil crops

biodiesel is a clean renewable energy. It is a liquid fuel made of oil crops such as soybeans and rapeseed, oil forest fruits such as oil palm and Pistacia chinensis, oil aquatic plants such as engineering microalgae, animal fats and waste catering oil. It is a high-quality substitute for petroleum diesel and a typical "green energy". The development of biodiesel is of great significance for sustainable economic development, promoting energy substitution, reducing environmental pressure, and controlling urban air pollution. It can clean the inner and outer barrels of washing machines in an all-round way with the rise and fall of water level. Although the research and development of biodiesel in China started late, it has developed rapidly, and some scientific research achievements have reached the international advanced level

the announcement said that after 10 years of canned packaging, due to the needs of other business development, the company is now transferring 100% or part of the property rights of the company, with a listing price of 3.9 million yuan, and the specific conditions can be negotiated face to face. According to relevant sources, the company's current business situation is basically normal, and it has begun to mass produce biodiesel, but it has just started, and has not yet reached a good state

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