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Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. takes the lead in promoting the commercialization of new energy heavy trucks

Guide: the "energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan ()" originally planned to be issued in July this year has been postponed again, but at the same time, the private promotion of new energy seems to be more rapid. On June 29, led by Shaanxi heavy truck Co., Ltd., seven units including Xinjiang Guanghui and PetroChina jointly

the "development plan for energy saving and new energy vehicle industry ()" originally planned to be issued in July this year has been postponed again, but at the same time, the private promotion of new energy seems to be more rapid

on June 29, Shaanxi heavy truck Co., Ltd., led by Shaanxi heavy truck Co., Ltd., and jointly sponsored by Xinjiang Guanghui, PetroChina and other seven units, issued the Convention on China's new energy heavy truck Alliance for green economy in Xi'an. Its core is to link advantageous resources and promote the commercial application of new energy heavy trucks

long Hongwei, director of Shaanxi Automobile Group, knows that the ten-year plan for new energy vehicles, which has been postponed several times, is absolutely good for automobile enterprises that develop new and select suitable indicator plates (measuring ranges) to operate energy according to the corresponding operating procedures. Because it is said that in the next ten years, the government will invest as much as 100billion yuan in the research, development and promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicle core technologies. If you add the supporting funds of local governments, this investment will exceed 200billion yuan

with the mature technology of natural gas heavy truck, Fang Hongwei is more interested in the measures in this plan to strengthen the infrastructure of new energy vehicles to further popularize new energy vehicles

why Shaanxi Automobile

this time, it is no accident that Shaanxi Automobile became the leading unit of China's green energy heavy truck strategic alliance

as early as ten years ago, Shaanxi Automobile has realized the importance of natural gas in the future new energy pattern. In addition, Shaanxi has rich natural gas resources and is the way of the national "west to East Gas Transmission" project. Therefore, Shaanxi Automobile took the lead in starting the research and development of natural gas products, registered and established Rand new energy company, and established the first heavy truck New Energy Laboratory in China

in fact, this move of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. has another deep-seated significance. Under the situation that the competition in the heavy truck industry is increasingly fierce, and the mold is based on the real shape of auto parts, and the homogenization of product competition is becoming more and more obvious, opening up a new blue Ocean and occupying the commanding height has become another future strategy considered by the board of directors of Shaanxi Automobile Group, long Hongwei. With the gradual depletion of oil resources, this blue ocean strategy will occupy an important position

long Hongwei, director of Shaanxi Automobile Group, told that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Shaanxi Automobile has undertaken two major projects of the national "863" new energy commercial vehicles, and is the first enterprise in China to undertake the National 863 Plan "on the development of heavy duty LNG commercial vehicles" project. It is also the only base in China to realize the industrialization of new energy vehicles and the scientific research and production of heavy truck new energy

at present, Shaanxi Automobile has successfully developed CNG, LNG high-power natural gas heavy truck, CNG, LNG bus chassis and other new energy technology products, and gradually formed an industrialized development pattern. Shaanxi Natural Gas heavy truck has covered 210 ~ 380 horsepower tractors, trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, off-road mining vehicles, etc., and the driving range has also increased from 200 ~ 300 kilometers to 2070 kilometers

yuan Hongming, general manager of Shaan auto, said that the safety of Shaan auto natural gas heavy truck is very reliable. Through the test, the steel cylinder containing natural gas will not have a problem if it falls from a height of 10 meters. From the perspective of product research and development and market use, the safety of natural gas heavy trucks has also been verified by the market. Liguoyi, chairman of Shenzhen Yantian Port Tonghui Investment Co., Ltd., told auto watch that they have purchased natural gas heavy truck products with Shaanxi Auto, and are very confident about their quality. Next, they continue to reduce gas consumption and save more costs for users

in the domestic natural gas heavy truck market, China National Heavy Truck Corporation, Dongfeng and other enterprises also have mature products, but the promotion and commercialization process of Shaanxi Automobile seems to be more rapid, and it has always maintained the first position in the field. Delong f3000 natural gas vehicles are exported overseas, and the export volume ranks first in the industry

as of 2010, Shaanxi Natural Gas heavy truck has made a historic breakthrough, reaching more than 2000 vehicles, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 5000 vehicles. In 2011, Shaanxi Auto was more confident and formulated a sales plan of 10000 vehicles. At the same time, During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Fang Hongwei also set a more ambitious goal for Shaanxi Automobile: the production and sales of 50000 new energy heavy trucks.

embarrassment of the absence of the government

automotive observation It is believed that the commercial vehicle industry is the most qualified field to vigorously promote new energy vehicles, because compared with the non fixed driving route of passenger vehicles and the uncertain location of gas stations or charging stations, many commercial vehicles are point-to-point transportation, and the driving route is relatively fixed, especially in ports, mines and other places, and the construction of gas stations and charging stations is more realistic. At present, natural gas buses and electric buses, which are widely promoted in many cities, are good examples. It is not difficult to implement on heavy trucks

an insider of Shaanxi Automobile told that when many people talk about new energy vehicles, they often refer to electric vehicles. We should know that electric vehicles need to be constantly charged. In China, most of the electricity still comes from thermal power generation, which needs to burn coal and will still bring pollution. China is rich in natural gas reserves, and the development of natural gas vehicles is fully guaranteed in terms of gas source. The new energy industry will become a new lifeline leading China's economic development, and natural gas will be the most realistic and best energy

in fact, when the new energy strategy of energy conservation and emission reduction has become a national strategy, the government should vigorously support or even take the lead in establishing an alliance for the new energy industry to lead the promotion and popularization of new energy heavy trucks

enterprises participating in the release of the China green economy new energy heavy truck alliance convention include: Shaanxi Automobile Group, Xinjiang Guanghui Industrial Co., Ltd., PetroChina Huayou company, CNOOC Guangdong Hong Kong Energy Development Co., Ltd., Yantian Port Tonghui Investment Co., Ltd., Xinao Energy Holding Co., Ltd. vehicle and vessel LNG business department, Weichai Power Xigang new energy engine Co., Ltd Zhangjiagang fujirui special equipment Co., Ltd

obviously, there is no shadow of the government in the initiation and participation of this alliance. This is actually a natural gas heavy truck promotion chain planned by an enterprise from its own reality, including power research and development, product manufacturing, modification enterprises, gas supply and gas station construction enterprises, logistics enterprises, etc

in fact, this is the helplessness of Shaanxi Automobile, and it is also a problem encountered by many domestic new energy vehicle enterprises in the promotion. The absence of the government has become one of the embarrassments encountered in the actual promotion of new energy vehicles. At present, the country still lacks the necessary policy and financial support

it is understood that under the condition that the technology of natural gas heavy truck has become increasingly mature, the problem of current promotion lies in the lack of gas filling stations. Although the state has increased the construction of natural gas filling stations in recent years, and 1800 stations have been built, it still cannot meet the demand at present

a person from CNOOC Guangdong Hong Kong Energy Development Co., Ltd. told auto watch that after the west east gas transmission project designed a special device to successfully transmit natural gas to the eastern part of China, although the gas source was available, the construction of urban gas stations seriously lagged behind, and many local governments did not approve it, because the land had been sold out, many of them were given to developers, so it was difficult to change the use of the land, Local governments are not interested in the promotion of new energy

in addition, although the state has preferential policies for new energy cars and buses, no specific supporting policies have been issued for the development of new energy heavy trucks

in response, at the "China green economy new energy heavy truck strategic alliance high-end dialogue" held at the same time with the theme of "linking industrial resources and navigating the green future", Fang Hongwei called on the state to vigorously support natural gas green economy new energy heavy truck and related industries, and introduce policies to benefit enterprises and people under existing conditions; The industry should also actively coordinate the actual resources of all parties, create an environment and promote development. At the same time, he called on governments at all levels to give enterprises and customers strong preferential policies and actively expand the practical utilization and development of natural gas heavy trucks

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