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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck held a channel mobilization meeting in Shandong and Tibet

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck held a channel mobilization meeting in Shandong and Tibet

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on August 10, the 2014 channel meeting of Shandong region and Tibet project team of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck was held

Wang Yongfeng, director of Jinan Office, made a speech with the theme of "focusing on the target, grabbing the market, giving full play to the advantages of the alliance and ensuring the increase of share". The impact of the second half of 2014 and the future macroeconomic situation on the development of heavy truck industry and the impact of continuous flushing for 30 minutes on Shandong region are analyzed. This paper reflects on the completion of regional sales in the first half of the year, the problems existing in the marketing network and the problems existing in the work of the office, makes an in-depth analysis on the marketing strategy and key promotion points in the second half of the year, and analyzes and introduces the problems and Breakthrough Strategies in the marketing of key models and markets. Liu Shengning, the service manager of Jinan Office, summarized and reflected on the service work in the first half of the year, raised the deficiencies and problems in the service in the first half of the year, and introduced in detail the overall service direction in the second half of the year. Zhanghaiquan, the service manager of Weichai office, made a detailed introduction to the "introduction of national four products and market introduction strategy"

in addition, the office held seminars on marketing channels and service channels, focusing on "focusing on the goal, carrying forward the conference spirit of 'fighting, fighting, grabbing, and fighting' without giving up any order". First of all, I shared and learned from the experience of the Shanghai Nanjing Office and the scientific researchers in the League meeting. Secondly, I discussed the marketing ideas in the second half of the year. All channel partners made positive statements at the meeting, saying that Shandong, as a major logistics Province, has a "five vertical, four horizontal, one ring and eight connected" channel, which has unique advantages for the development of Shaanxi standard carrier tractor. In the second half of the year, the market share of the new M3000 standard load tractor was actively increased, and a plan to drive sales with the influence and network of the alliance was determined. Finally, all the staff of Jinan Office made an oath to strengthen their confidence Force measurement range: 2% - 100% FS (4kn ~ 200kn are full of passion, service channels, break through the market, and ensure the completion of the sales target of the region in the second half of the year. Through this communication meeting, we unified our thinking, and laid a solid foundation for the completion of the marketing target of the second half of the year.

all dealers, service providers, and key customer representatives in Tibet gathered in Lhasa. Hao Dayong, manager of the project team, summarized the work of the Tibet region in the first half of 2014, analyzed the gap between Shaanxi Automobile and competitive products, and proposed In the second half of the year, the marketing strategy and specific measures require all channels to fully implement the transformation and development strategy of Shaanxi Automobile, emancipate the mind, grasp the opportunity, scientifically and rationally analyze the market, steadily and effectively increase the share, and put forward specific development plans for this special market in Tibet. At the same time, clarify the service follow-up of key customers and take the initiative. All staff of the Tibet project team made an oath, with firm confidence, full of passion, not afraid of the harsh environment of hypoxia on the plateau, always fighting on the front line, actively investigating the market, actively visiting customers, and making Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck bloom all over the snow covered plateau like gesanghua

through the mid year channel meeting, all offices have a deeper understanding of the objective lens and eyepiece sales objectives and marketing strategies that should be carefully removed in the second half of the year, and they have expressed that they should be firm in their goals, take the initiative, fight for the market with all their strength, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the target of 96500 vehicles

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