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Shaanxi Automobile Holding held a collective anti-corruption talk with newly hired cadres directly under its control

Shaanxi Automobile Holding held a collective anti-corruption talk with newly hired cadres directly under its control

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on the morning of February 13, Shaanxi Automobile Holding will hold a collective anti-corruption talk with newly hired cadres directly under its control at the first conference room of the management center. Yuan Hongming, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., Wang Yanhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the labor union, and Yali had a collective honest and clean government conversation with the newly hired 15 directly under the leadership of the Party committee, so as to prevent and remind early, and create a clean and upright political environment. Wang Yanhong presided over the meeting

at the meeting, 15 newly hired cadres directly under the administration of the Communist Party of China introduced themselves and made statements. Wang runliang, Wu Yinhe and Li Junjie also talked freely about their feelings of entering new positions, their work ideas and their determination to strengthen the construction of a clean and honest government

on behalf of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company, Tong Yali put forward four requirements for the participating cadres, who are frequently used raw materials in bioplastics. First, they should enhance their learning awareness and improve their overall quality; Second, we should enhance awareness and conscientiously perform "one post with two responsibilities"; Third, we should improve the system construction and strengthen the executive power; Fourth, we should strengthen the awareness of self-discipline and cultivate positive character and sentiment

Wang Yanhong put forward specific requirements for the performance of post responsibilities. First, unify understanding, improve political standing, and unswervingly implement enterprise strategy; Second, pay close attention to the implementation, promote the innovative development of enterprises, promote the implementation of strategies step by step, adapt to new positions, new environments and new requirements as soon as possible, and shoulder responsibilities and missions; Third, be pragmatic, play a leading role, rise to difficulties, and take the initiative to undertake important tasks; Fourth, be strict with yourself, firmly establish the requirements of integrity and self-discipline, strictly enforce the "Six Disciplines" and "six bottom lines", strengthen discipline and discipline, take the lead in creating a clean and positive atmosphere, and contribute to the development of the enterprise

yuan Hongming made an important speech, briefly introduced the adjustment of cadres, and put forward requirements for newly hired cadres. First, he hoped to form a passionate atmosphere of entrepreneurship among cadres through adjustment. His work process is generally to judge whether the material samples are qualified or reach the predetermined performance index range by clamping the sample materials through fixtures, and by force adding devices, force value display devices and records. Second, we should carry out various work around the enterprise's "2035" strategy. New cadres are selected to new positions because of their excellent performance and courage to take on responsibilities. They should work around the deployment of the company's strategic goals at all times. Third, we should adjust our mentality and do our own work well. Fourth, new officials should also settle old accounts. The problems formed before are by no means the reason for not doing a good job. We should strive to solve the remaining problems. Fifth, we should dare to take responsibility and make achievements, and strengthen learning. Cadres should endure loneliness and grievances, and constantly strengthen learning to lay the foundation for entering the new platform. Sixth, be strict with yourself. Never use power for personal gain, but manage yourself and your family well. Seventh, the team is united to 14. Tortuosity: qb/t 2803 ⑵ 006 the measurement method of tortuosity of rigid plastic pipes is very important. The establishment of a democratic and centralized management team is the basis for officers to start businesses. Yuanhongming stressed that the participating cadres should also seriously study and understand the nine requirements of Shaanxi Automobile Holding cadres, be full of confidence and passion, and invest in new jobs to contribute to the realization of Shaanxi Automobile's strategic goals

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