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Guoxing optoelectronics launched a full spectrum series of LED, and the popularity of Huawei intelligent lighting series continued

Guoxing optoelectronics Shandong Star High Tech announced on the 2018 New Year holiday that it would launch a full spectrum series of LED, promote and increase support for the development of high-end products such as aluminum for aviation, titanium for marine use, zirconium for nuclear power, and new generation information technology functional materials, and promote the development of healthy lighting? How will the lighting industry be affected by the US $200billion tariff measures? The popularity of Huawei intelligent lighting series continues, and the development or substantive progress of intelligent lighting industry? What should domestic lighting manufacturers learn from IKEA's recall of problematic wall lamps sold in China? We will interpret it for you one by one

In recent years, Guoxing optoelectronics has always paid attention to the development of health lighting and actively deployed LED light sources similar to sunlight. Recently, it has launched 2835, 4014, 3030 health lighting series LEDs, and recently the R & D center has developed a new full spectrum series of LEDs

comments: light affects human health in varying degrees through visual and non visual effects. Therefore, we should advocate healthy lighting, emphasize the biological safety of light, and improve the quality and comfort of light δ and ψ The larger the value of is, the more important it is

Guoxing optoelectronics has continued to pay attention to the development of health lighting in recent years, and actively layout LED light sources similar to sunlight. Its new full spectrum series of LEDs not only reduce the harm of blue light, but also significantly improve the light quality. It is a healthier and more comfortable artificial sunlight. Through active R & D and innovation investment, Guoxing optoelectronics continues to launch advanced technologies and products to provide customers at home and abroad with new product experience and healthy visual experience

US $200billion tariff measures landing

early in the morning of September 18, Beijing time, the US trump government added mechanical foaming method to US $200billion products exported to China: the mechanical foaming method is a measure of imposing a 10% tariff with the help of strong mixing of machines. The measure will be implemented from September 24, and the tax rate of relevant products will be increased to 25% by January 1, 2019

comments: as Mr. Ma said, this Sino US trade war cannot be solved in two months or two years. We should have long-term ideological preparation to fight for 20 years. Therefore, the Sino US trade war will have a far-reaching impact on China's manufacturing industry

as the largest exporter of China's lighting industry, the United States' export position is increasing day by day. The US $200billion tariff measure covers the vast majority of lighting products. On the one hand, it will lead to greater cost pressure on domestic enterprises in the United States, and then pass part of the cost on to American consumers through price increases, weakening market demand; On the other hand, domestic export enterprises are blocked in export, which may shift their focus to the domestic market, intensify domestic competition and accelerate the industry reshuffle

the popularity of Huawei smart lighting series continues

Huawei smart lighting series officially launched in the domestic market on August 28. With high cost performance, simple and atmospheric appearance, consistent experience, and extreme performance, it has become a strong new product of domestic smart home products, and its sales are very hot

comments: judging from the current hot sales and favorable situation and Huawei's continuous investment, Huawei smart select series is expected to quickly catch up with the volume of Xiaomi. Maybe Huawei smart select can really detonate the smart home industry

in addition, the hot sales of Huawei intelligent lighting products also reflect that consumers' recognition and acceptance of intelligent lighting are increasing. Previously, intelligent lighting was given the reputation of being flashy because it did not solve more user experience problems, and the market promotion process was relatively slow. With the continuous promotion of strategic cooperation between Huawei and lighting manufacturers such as Opel and Sansi, intelligent lighting products not only solve the problem of experience, but also fall within the affordable range of consumers, which will also promote the development of intelligent lighting industry

On September 19, IKEA China station announced the recall of three children's wall lamps of smila series (scana, Manet and bloma respectively)

comments: since the development of the lighting industry, vicious competition such as product homogenization competition is not uncommon. In such an environment, quality problems emerge one after another. IKEA's recall of problematic products is responsible for consumers, which is a positive attitude. This is precisely what some domestic lighting manufacturers lack

as the world's largest producer and consumer of lighting products, China has a large number of consumers. Although domestic consumers are highly sensitive to cost performance, manufacturers still need to pay attention to product quality. There are a large number of domestic lighting manufacturers, and those that cannot be recognized by consumers will eventually be eliminated

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