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This vividly expresses the importance our party and government attach to the construction of ecological civilization. In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly serious. The deepening of the concept of green environmental protection has opened a new chapter in the development of mine greening

it is understood that red star machine, as a representative of mining enterprises, has been conscientiously implementing the national concept of green environmental protection, deepening green development into every link of production, continuous innovation and reform, and has made great efforts in the research and production of green, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, where there are many contradictions between the sensor of the tension machine and the supply and demand, and has wholeheartedly invested in the "green protection" of the mine, 100% promotion of mine "greening" has played a vital role in improving the production environment of mining sites and concentrators

at present, there is a common problem in mining enterprises, that is, the pollution in the production process is relatively serious, there is much dust and noise. A large amount of exhaust gas, waste residue and waste water will not only cause serious pollution to the surrounding rivers, atmosphere and land, but also seriously endanger human health. According to the survey, the residents living in the mining area have a high disease rate, and the number of cases are mostly concentrated in gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc. many hazards remind us that the greening of the mine is imminent

with the development of society, the demand for energy is increasing, which inevitably leads to the strengthening of resource development. According to the concept of sustainable development, taking the road of "green mining" is what the mining industry pursues

mining enterprises have played an important supporting role in the supply of raw materials for infrastructure construction, and made a significant contribution to infrastructure construction. In the past, most enterprises could only produce type I polyurethane waterproof coatings with more advanced technology and low tensile properties. With the strengthening of environmental protection, many mining enterprises are facing development dilemma, and some are also facing the current situation of being forced to stop by the government. In order to avoid this dilemma, red star machine actively adopts corresponding strategies to control the dust of the crusher, ball mill and other equipment produced, so as to survive the strong momentum of the environmental storm and become a typical representative of the green development of mining enterprises

on the one hand, starting from the equipment itself, reduce the dust pollution of crushers and other equipment from the source

mining equipment such as crushers are the source of dust in the production process of quarries. Although the particle size of the dust produced is small, its intensity is very high. According to the dust problems of traditional crushers, red star machine has installed corresponding local sealing system, dust remover and spray dust reduction device on the equipment, which inhibits the emission of dust from the source through local sealing and wet dust removal

on the other hand, starting from the whole production line, reduce the dust problem in the transportation process

at present, many quarries or concentrators use the whole production line to add data processing workers to the ore. in the process of belt conveying, it is inevitable that dust will be scattered. In view of this problem faced by the processing plant, red star machine experts suggest setting up spray dust removal devices at each transfer point to reduce the concentration of dust, but the amount of water spray must be moderate and not too much, Otherwise, it will lead to slipping between the belt and pulley. It is understood that using this method can reduce the dust concentration by more than 80%

through the above "greening" measures, red star machine has effectively reduced the dust pollution problem in the mining area, put on a new "green" outfit for the mining industry, promoted the sustainable development of China's mineral resources, and contributed its wisdom and strength to promoting the construction of infrastructure

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