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Guoxing optoelectronics climbed to a new high in the first three quarters and achieved brilliant results

on October 23, Guoxing Optoelectronics (Stock Code: 002449) released the performance report for the third quarter of 2017. The report pointed out that: in the first three quarters of 2017, the company's overall performance was good, with an operating revenue of 2.582 billion yuan, an increase of 54.1% year-on-year and another 0%

main financial data and indicators in the third quarter of 2017

in the first three quarters of 2017, under the correct leadership of Guangsheng company and the company's board of directors, Guoxing optoelectronics thoroughly implemented the strategic deployment of "advanced technology, market internationalization, and large-scale production", and continued to strengthen technological innovation, deepen market expansion, and improve internal refined management in accordance with the work and business policy of "climbing a new peak", Overfulfilling the stage tasks and further strengthening the dominant position of overall leadership

01. Strengthen innovation driven development and realize high-end technology

in the first three quarters, the company actively deployed cutting-edge technologies, successively launched new products such as infrared, ultraviolet, tintable temperature cob, automotive lighting devices, etc., expanded the application of LED in new subdivision fields and reserved new performance growth points. There were 11 new scientific research projects at or above the provincial level, 24 new patent applications, and won the title of "2017 top 100 high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province with comprehensive innovation strength" issued by the Provincial Department of science and technology

02. Relying on its dominant position in the market, the company accelerated the internationalization of the market. In the first three quarters, the company made great efforts to give play to the pioneering role of high-end products in leading the market, focusing on the promotion of core products such as small spacing, RS series display devices, roostar series white light devices, panel lamps, etc., which fully demonstrated the strong advantages in talent, technology, brand, capital, etc., and continuously improved its international position, It successfully ranked among the top10 global LED packaging plants (IHS Markit) in the first half of 2017

03. Layout capacity expansion projects and improve the scale of production

with the continuous improvement of the market share of the company's products, the company continues to expand production. The packaging expansion projects with a total investment of 1.05 billion yuan in 2016 have all achieved mass production. In the first half of 2017, another 200million yuan was invested to expand the production of packaging projects, further consolidating the absolutely leading market position. In addition, the company has also expanded the production of upstream epitaxial chip projects to more effectively support the development of the company's packaging business

04. Implement the key work plan to ensure the refinement of management. In the first three quarters, the company continued to implement the key work plan projects in 2017, carried out cost reduction, comprehensively improved the production process, fully coordinated production resources, reasonably planned the production capacity distribution, focused on improving production efficiency and ensuring the high quality of production and business activities with the goal of "consolidating the foundation, improving the mechanism, strengthening management, paying attention to details, improving quality and efficiency" Efficient

05. Take multiple measures at the same time and concentrate on promoting long-term party building

in the first three quarters, the company has always adhered to the integration of Party building and production and operation management from a strategic height, strengthened ideological guidance, consolidated the foundation of Party building, and paid close attention to implementation. By carrying out a series of Party building activities in various forms and with a wide audience, we can further narrow the relationship between the party and the masses, unite our efforts, make the enterprise management full of vitality and vitality, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength of the company

"achievements belong to the past, and there is a long way to go in the future". Facing the new situation, new opportunities and new challenges, Guoxing optoelectronics will not forget its original intention, keep its mission firmly in mind, take the great spirit of the party as the guide, and focus on the strategic deployment of "advanced technology, market internationalization and large-scale production", so as to solidly carry out all work, and strive to move forward to a new stage and climb a new peak in the production and operation of the company, Work hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

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Lingnan Guangsheng, Party construction and management, stride forward, ambition; The subordinate Guoxing, climbing a new peak, has made little progress and is full of vitality. Taking this as a discipline, Ding youqiu

great Guangsheng, united as one, strong dream. Under the banner of the national star, rush to the horse and start a prairie fire as thousands of soldiers

Zhu Feng in the southern sky, the fire is reborn, and the light is more prosperous. Party building comes first, and revolutionary production wins

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