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Yixing invested in building a container factory in Qingdao. Yixing Integrated Shipping Co., Ltd. has invested US $100 million to cooperate with three Chinese enterprises to build a container factory in Qingdao

this Sino Israeli joint venture project, named Qingdao transportation Xinhuachang container Co., Ltd., aims at the current problems faced by the new material industry, such as large but not strong. The export proportion of the three Chinese cooperation to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The partners are Qingdao transportation group, Xinhuachang group and transportation land and sea company

according to the announcement of Yixing, after the completion of the container manufacturing plant, it is expected that its annual production capacity will reach 150000 20 containers, the annual turnover is expected to reach 250million US dollars, and the ready-made waste will be converted into raw materials

star refers to the plant as the largest project it has invested in China. Previously, the company has invested and set up container freight stations in Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen and Shanghai

information source: Xiamen logistics shipping

some equipment must be controlled in order for safety

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