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Zhongxing measurement and control won the title of "advanced unit of yuanxie"

recently, for example, the yield strength and tensile strength of steel, and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the China electronic components industry association, the rising speed of the piston is slow. The conference was held in Beijing. The association commended advanced individuals and collectives who have made outstanding achievements in their work over the years and supported by talents, projects, enterprises, parks and quality standards. Xi'an Zhongxing measurement and Control Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "advanced unit of yuanxie" in this commendation

it is reported that 95 "advanced units of the yuan Association" and 62 "advanced individuals of the yuan Association" were selected nationwide. Sensitive has a wide demand in the field of high-end utilization. In the field of components and sensors, only 8 units in the country have won the title of "advanced unit of yuanxie"

about China electronic components industry association

China Electronic Components Industry Association (CECA) was established on November 16, 1998. It is a national industry organization voluntarily formed by enterprises (Institutions) in the electronic components industry, and has the legal personality of social groups. China electronic components industry association has 15 branches according to professional categories, and the branch of sensitive components and sensors is one of them. The purpose of this branch is to improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises (Institutions), constantly promote the economic and technological level of the sensitive components and sensors industry, and accelerate the modernization process of this industry

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