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Red Star mobile crushing station helps Guangdong turn construction waste into treasure

Red Star mobile crushing station helps Guangdong turn construction waste into treasure

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recently, the author learned that China, which has introduced red star machine somewhere in Guangdong, is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, The complete set operation of "turning waste into treasure from sorting and landfilling to recycling" has been truly realized in the field of recycling of machine-made gravel and construction waste, and the circular mode of green development has been opened

it is reported that the Red Star mobile crushing station introduced by Guangdong this time is a crawler hydraulic driven crushing and screening equipment newly developed by red star group by introducing the technology of an internationally renowned mining machinery company and combining the actual situation in China. The machine adopts hydraulic system to drive the crawler, so as to realize smooth walking, and can adapt to a variety of complex operation site conditions. The equipment has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, intelligent energy saving, etc., and has many advantages. When adopting such methods, we need to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of the moving object on the experiment. The main intellectual property technology, its whole machine design has reached the international advanced level. It is widely used in mining, stone mining, highway, high-speed railway and bridge construction, urban construction waste treatment and many other fields

the unit is integrated, with strong complete set performance, reasonable and compact combination, and extremely low requirements for the workplace. The whole vehicle has compact structure, small turning radius, strong maneuverability, low requirements for road transportation conditions, and convenient turning and entering and leaving the site. The mobile crushing station can directly enter the original site for operation, reducing the transportation links of raw materials, thus saving the transportation cost of raw materials

the chassis adopts all steel ship structure, with high strength and stronger adaptability to the operation site. Generator sets can be equipped to meet the normal operation requirements of complex situations such as no power or power failure, so as to ensure continuous operation and reduce losses. High power walking motor, strong horsepower, safe and reliable. Famous brand motors are used to realize the excellent performance of the power system, which has the characteristics of low irritability and energy saving. According to the user's requirements, it can be allocated to all levels of broken screening equipment, and the whole machine is optimized to fully ensure the quality. The angle of the conveyor can be adjusted, overturned and folded, and the working conditions can be expanded to facilitate transportation

in addition to the advantages introduced above, the Red Star crawler hydraulic drive crushing station also has an intelligent operation system, equipped with advanced touchable control screen control cabinet and PLC control system to realize the functions of startup, process adjustment, misoperation prompt and protection, electrical control operation, fault and safety prompt

in addition, according to the different requirements of customers and various operation site conditions, red star machine can provide a complete set of solutions, and carry out combined optimization design for the transportation of crushing and screening machines at all levels, so as to achieve the best combination configuration, so as to fully meet the requirements of customers

according to the customer, their company is mainly engaged in marble profile processing business, and most of the original waste leftovers are sold as waste cheaply. Since purchasing the Red Star mobile crushing station, the original waste of 40 or 50 yuan a ton has suddenly turned waste into treasure, and the value has soared. The value has increased by more than 15 times. This is something the company has never dared to think about before, and the company has also changed from a consumer of resources to a regenerator of resources. It can be said that all available resources of the company have been fully resourced. Create more new business opportunities for customers and reduce production costs

in recent years, with the increasing call for environmental protection and the further enhancement of people's concept of environmental protection and the resource utilization of construction waste, in addition, with the continuous reduction of natural sand reserves, various regions of the country have gradually issued bans on the mining of natural river sand and sea sand, and the demand for construction sand is rising, which is the time for machine-made sand to show its strength. Red Star mobile crushing station is not only the resource treatment of construction waste, but also the process of machine-made sand production. Construction waste is also a kind of urban mineral. With the rigid demand of urban infrastructure construction, the mechanism sand and gravel industry and the resource treatment of construction waste will become an inevitable trend for the development of plastic as an important 3D printing raw material industry. Red Star mobile crushing station will lead the development of the industry and become the leader of the green development cycle mode

the mining equipment production technology and experience of Red Star Machine in recent 30 years have created a series of mobile crushing stations with simple, reasonable and compact vehicle structure. Multi-layer check can also be used for similar experiments of plastic, concrete, cement and other non-metallic materials. Strict factory inspection ensures the excellent quality of each equipment! (this article is from Red Star machine)

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