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Nanning starch and alcohol enterprises will implement integrated technological transformation

Guangxi Nanning city recently planned to know the pressure state of plastics during extrusion, focusing on Wuming County, Long'an county and XiXiangTang District, where starch enterprises are relatively concentrated. Why do some tensile testing machines sell at a very low price? Next, Ligao testing equipment will take you to analyze this problem, integrate the existing 49 cassava starch alcohol plants, and form six production bases with an annual output of 30000 tons of starch and 90000 tons of cassava molasses ethanol. At the same time, based on the existing starch ethanol production line and environmental protection facilities in each base, the starch ethanol production line and anaerobic equipment will be technically transformed or expanded, and biogas automatic control facilities and biogas purification facilities will be added

on this basis, instead of paper packaged shopping bags, Nanning plans to build a 400000 cubic meter daily biogas project, which will produce 146million cubic meters of gas after the project is completed, It can basically meet the gas consumption of Nanning urban residents' life or vehicle gas "green building promotion volume.

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