System and method for aseptic filling of packages

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System and method for aseptic filling of packages with liquid products

patent name system and method for aseptic filling of packages with liquid products patent applicant Coca Cola company address of the main applicant Georgia inventor g. price application (patent) No. - pressing depth under total experimental force f0+f1; 4707.4 application date 2004.02.18 certification date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2006.03.22 specification CD number d main classification number b67c7/00 (2006.01) I sub case its performance and reliability are related to the property and life safety of the country and the people category number b67c7/00 (2006.01) I sub case original application number priority item 2003.2.19 us 60/447746 abstract the invention includes sterile packaging (7) And methods and systems that allow aseptic filling on traditional filling production lines through small and inexpensive equipment improvements. The invention can avoid the traditional need to pack all or part of the filling equipment in sterile air atmosphere. The invention comprises a package (7) equipped with a flexible film (1), which can capture and carry its own sterile state in the filling step, wherein the film finally becomes part of the cover (8) of the package. The invention reduces the product risk, reduces the specialization of the operator, and reduces the cost of aseptic filling. Sovereignty item 1 A sterile filling and packaging method, which has an interior, a filling hole, and a film sleeved on the filling hole. The method package includes the following steps from import to production: filling the interior of the package with sterilization steam; Keep the sterilization steam inside the package for a long enough time to sterilize the inside of the package; Remove some sterilization steam; Filling and packaging of products; Cover the filling hole of the package containing the product; It is characterized in that in all steps of the method, the film is located above the filling hole. International application pct/us2004/004688 international publication wo2004/074162 English

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